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Broadband Telecommunications Technologies and Management

Broadband Telecommunications Technologies and Management

Riaz Esmailzadeh

ISBN: 978-1-118-99565-5 March 2016 376 Pages


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The focus of this book is broadband telecommunications: both fixed (DSL, fiber) and wireless (1G-4G). It uniquely covers the broadband telecom field from technological, business and policy angles. The reader learns about the necessary technologies to a certain depth in order to be able to evaluate and analyse competing technologies. The student can then apply the results of the technology analysis to business (revenues and costs, market size, etc) to evaluate how successful a technology may be in the market place. Technology and business analyses lead to policy analysis and how government deal with rolling out of broadband networks; content (such as text, audio and video) delivered over them. Furthermore, how government may ensure a competitive and fair environment is maintained for service provision.  The book is unique in its approach as it prepares the student to evaluate products from three different viewpoints of technology-business and policy.  The book provides a unified vision for broadband communications, offering the required background as well a description of existing broadband systems, finishing with a business scenario. The book breaks new ground by discussing telecommunication technologies in a business and policy context.

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Preface viii

1 Introduction 1

2 Technology, Business and Policy 14

3 Voice Communications 49

4 Information Theory 78

5 From Analogue to Digital 98

6 Error Control Coding 129

7 Digital Modulation 153

8 Packetised Data Communications 169

9 Fixed Broadband Communications Systems 191

10 Terrestrial Broadband Wireless Telecommunications 215

11 Satellite Communications 257

12 Personal Wireless Communications Systems 282

13 Network Topologies, Design and Convergence 307

14 Content Delivery and Net Neutrality 334

Acknowledgements 355

Case Study Index 356

Index 357