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Evolution of Hydrothermal Ecosystems on Earth (and Mars?)




Evolution of Hydrothermal Ecosystems on Earth (and Mars?)

Gregory R. Bock (Editor), Jamie A. Goode (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-51499-3 April 2008 346 Pages


This book explores the possibility that life exists on Mars. It provides an interdisciplinary overview of the early evolution of life in hydrothermal ecosystems on Earth, focusing on the problem of remote sensing and incorporating geological work relevant to the search for evidence of early life on Earth and Mars. It discusses the belief that studying thermal spring deposits as part of this search may be the best opportunity to test whether life on earth is a "unique experiment," or whether there is life elsewhere in the solar system.
Partial table of contents:

Hydrothermal Systems as Environments for the Emergence of Life (E. Shock).

Chemical and Physical Context for Life in Terrestrial Hydrothermal Systems: Chemical Reactors for the Early Development of Life and Hydrothermal Ecosystems (R. Henley).

Ancient Hydrothermal Ecosystems on Earth: A New Palaeobiological Frontier (M. Walter).

The Rhynie Cherts: An Early Devonian Ecosystem Preserved by Hydrothermal Activity (N. Trewin).

The Role of Remote Sensing in Finding Hydrothermal Mineral Deposits on Earth (J. Huntington).

Exploration Strategies for Hydrothermal Deposits (R. Horn).

Water on Early Mars (M. Carr).

The Transfer of Viable Microorganisms Between Planets (P. Davies).