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Serge Lancel

ISBN: 978-0-631-20631-6 May 1998 Wiley-Blackwell 256 Pages


This is an historical biography of Hannibal, the military leader of Carthage responsible for waging a dramatic onslaught on Rome during the Punic Wars. One of the few generals of history to be famous for the war he lost, Hannibal's attack in 218BC - which included his renowned march of elephants across the Alps - ranks amongst the most courageous and ill-fated enterprises in the history of the ancient world. This definitive biography of one of the most fascinating figures of ancient history offers a fresh perspective on the demise of the Hellenistic world and the rise of Rome.
List of Figures.



1. Hamilcar Barca.

2. Time for Spain.

3. From Cartagena to the Po Valley.

4.'Blitzkrieg' - from the Trebia to Cannae.

5. Declining Fortunes.

6. Setbacks.

7. Zama.

8. Exile.

9. Heritage, Legend and Image.

Chronological Highlights.



"Lancel's new study should remain for some time to come the best treatment in English focusing on Hannibal specifically. Eminently readable and with a chronological chart and maps, Hannibal will appeal to readers at all levels." Choice

"Hannibal combines readability with solid scholarship. Lancel's particular strength is his close acquaintance with things Carthaginian. He has excavated there and is the author of a history of the city which is also available in English. This competence means that, in so far as the source material will allow it, he is able to write from a sympathetic Punic perspective." Greece and Rome

* Definitive biography of one of most fascinating characters of the ancient world, written by a world-renowned scholar.

* Sets Hannibal's life in context of wider political and cultural history of the time.

* Sheds new light on the Punic Wars and the Hellenistic world in general, from perspective of Carthage.