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A Companion to Applied Philosophy

Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen (Editor), Kimberley Brownlee (Editor), David Coady (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-86912-3 September 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 664 Pages



Applied philosophy has been a growing area of research for the last 40 years. Until now, however, almost all of this research has been centered around the field of ethics. A Companion to Applied Philosophy breaks new ground, demonstrating that all areasof philosophy, including epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of science, and philosophy of mind, can be applied, and are relevant to questions of everyday life.

This perennial topic in philosophy provides an overview of these various applied philosophy developments, highlighting similarities and differences between various areas of applied philosophy, and examining the very nature of this topic. It is an area to which many of the towering figures in the history of philosophy have contributed, and this timely Companion demonstrates how various historical contributions are actually contributions within applied philosophy, even if they are not traditionally seen as such.

The Companion contains 42 essays covering major areas of philosophy; the articles themselves are all original contributions to the literature and represent the state of the art on this topic, as well as offering a map to the current debates.

Notes on Contributors ix

Foreword xvi

Acknowledgments xix

Part I Introductory Articles 1

1 The Nature of Applied Philosophy 3
Kasper Lippert]Rasmussen

2 The Methodology of Applied Philosophy 18
David Archard

3 The Value of Applied Philosophy 34
Suzanne Uniacke

Part II Epistemology 49

4 Applied Epistemology 51
David Coady

5 Gender and Feminist Epistemology 61
Nancy Daukas

6 The Epistemology of Deliberative Democracy 76
Fabienne Peter

7 Information Markets 89
Kristoffer Ahlstrom]Vij

8 Epistemology for (Real) People 103
Michael Bishop and J.D. Trout

9 Are Conspiracy Theorists Epistemically Vicious? 120
Charles R. Pigden

10 Experts in the Climate Change Debate 133
Ben Almassi

11 Freedom of Expression, Diversity, and Truth 147
Klemens Kappel, Bjørn Hallsson, and Emil F.L. Møller

Part III Metaphysics and Philosophy of Language 163

12 Applied Metaphysics 165
Katherine Hawley

13 Applied Philosophy of Language 180
Emma Borg

14 Social Ontology and War 196
Seumas Miller

15 The Metaphysics of Gender 211
Natalie Stoljar

16 The Existence of the Dead 224
Steven Luper

17 Freedom of Expression and Derogatory Words 236
Caroline West

Part IV Ethics 253

18 Applied Moral Philosophy 255
Richard Arneson

19 Neuroethics and Responsibility 270
Neil Levy

20 Non]ideal Theory 284
Zofia Stemplowska

21 Death: Badness and Prudential Reasons 297
Jens Johansson

Part V Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Law 311

22 Applied Political and Legal Philosophy 313
Michelle Madden Dempsey and Matthew Lister

23 Legal Human Rights Theory 328
Samantha Besson

24 Collectivism and Reductivism in the Ethics of War 342
Helen Frowe

25 Freedom of Association 356
Kimberley Brownlee

26 Neuroethics and Criminal Justice 370
Jesper Ryberg and Thomas Søbirk Petersen

27 Deliberative Democracy 383
Thomas Christiano and Sameer Bajaj

28 Tax Ethics: Political and Individual 397
Geoffrey Brennan and George Tsai

29 Benefiting from Wrongdoing 411
Avia Pasternak

30 Freedom of Religion and Expression 424
Larry Alexander

Part VI Philosophy of Science 439

31 Applied Philosophy of Social Science: The Case of the Social Construction of Race 441
Isaac Wiegman and Ron Mallon

32 Social Constructivism in Social Science and Science Wars 455
Finn Collin

33 Did Climate Change Cause That? 469
Richard Corry

Part VII Aesthetics 485

34 Applied Aesthetics 487
David Davies

35 Thought Experiments in Aesthetics 501
Paisley Livingston and Mikael Pettersson

36 Aesthetic Value, Artistic Value, and Morality 514
Andrea Sauchelli

37 The Applied Philosophy of Humor 527
Noël Carroll

Part VIII Philosophy of Religion 539

38 Applied Philosophy of Religion 541
C.A.J. Coady

39 Thinking about Reported Miracles 555
Timothy Mcgrew

40 Religion and Neuroscience 567
Monima Chadha

Part IX History of Applied Philosophy 583

41 Ancient Applied Philosophy 585
Chris Megone

42 Modern Applied Philosophy: Kant on Theory and Practice 599
Allen Wood

Index 612