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The Blackwell Companion to Substance Dualism




The Blackwell Companion to Substance Dualism

Jonathan J. Loose (Editor), Angus J. L. Menuge (Editor), J. P. Moreland (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-37530-2 March 2018 Wiley-Blackwell 528 Pages

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A groundbreaking collection of contemporary essays from leading international scholars that provides a balanced and expert account of the resurgent debate about substance dualism and its physicalist alternatives. 

Substance dualism has for some time been dismissed as an archaic and defeated position in philosophy of mind, but in recent years, the topic has experienced a resurgence of scholarly interest and has been restored to contemporary prominence by a growing minority of philosophers prepared to interrogate the core principles upon which past objections and misunderstandings rest. As the first book of its kind to bring together a collection of contemporary writing from top proponents and critics in a pro-contra format, The Blackwell Companion to Substance Dualism captures this ongoing dialogue and sets the stage for rigorous and lively discourse around dualist and physicalist accounts of human persons in philosophy. 

Chapters explore emergent, Thomistic, Cartesian, and other forms of substance dualism—broadly conceived—in dialogue with leading varieties of physicalism, including animalism, non-reductive physicalism, and constitution theory. Loose, Menuge, and Moreland pair essays from dualist advocates with astute criticism from physicalist opponents and vice versa, highlighting points of contrast for readers in thematic sections while showcasing today’s leading minds engaged in direct debate. Taken together, essays provide nuanced paths of introduction for students, and capture the imagination of professional philosophers looking to expand their understanding of the subject.

Skillfully curated and in touch with contemporary science as well as analytic theology, The Blackwell Companion to Substance Dualism strikes a measured balanced between advocacy and criticism, and is a first-rate resource for researchers, scholars, and students of philosophy, theology, and neuroscience.

Notes on Contributors ix

1 Introduction: Substance Dualism and Its Physicalist Rivals 1
Jonathan J. Loose, Angus J. L. Menuge, and J. P. Moreland

2 Redressing Substance Dualism 22
William G. Lycan

Part I. Articulating Substance Dualism 41

3 Substance Dualism: A Defense 43
Charles Taliaferro

Debating Emergent Dualism 61

4 The Case for Emergent Dualism 62
William Hasker

5 Against Emergent Dualism 73
Brandon L. Rickabaugh

Debating Thomistic Dualism 87

6 Aquinas on the Human Soul 88
Edward Feser

7 In Defense of a Thomistic-like Dualism 102
J. P. Moreland

8 A Critique of Thomistic Dualism 123
William Hasker

Debating Cartesian Dualism 132

9 Cartesian Substance Dualism 133
Richard Swinburne

10 Against Cartesian Dualism 152
Jaegwon Kim

11 Non-Cartesian Substance Dualism 168
E. J. Lowe

Debating the Unity of Consciousness 183

12 Substance Dualism and the Unity of Consciousness 184
J. P. Moreland

13 Problems with Unity of Consciousness Arguments for Substance Dualism 208
Tim Bayne

Debating Near-Death Experiences 226

14 Evidential Near-Death Experiences 227
Gary R. Habermas

15 The Phenomenology of Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences: No Heavenly Excursion for “Soul” 247
Michael N. Marsh

16 Why Reject Substance Dualism? 267
Ian Ravenscroft

Part II. Alternatives to Substance Dualism 283

17 Why Should a Christian Embrace Materialism (about Human Persons)? 285
Kevin Corcoran

Debating Animalism 296

18 For Animalism 297
Eric T. Olson

19 Against Animalism 307
Stewart Goetz

Debating Nonreductive Physicalism 316

20 For Nonreductive Physicalism 317
Nancey Claire Murphy

21 Against Nonreductive Physicalism 328
Joshua Rasmussen

Debating Constitutionalism 340

22 Constitutionalism: Alternative to Substance Dualism 341
Lynne Rudder Baker

23 Against Constitutionalism 351
Ross Inman

Debating Emergent Individualism 368

24 For Emergent Individualism 369
Timothy O’Connor

25 Against Emergent Individualism 377
Robert C. Koons

26 Why Reject Christian Physicalism? 394
Angus J. L. Menuge

Part III. Substance Dualism, Theology, and the Bible 411

Debating Biblical Anthropology 412

27 Biblical Anthropology is Holistic and Dualistic 413
John W. Cooper

28 The Strange Case of the Vanishing Soul 427
Joel B. Green

Debating the Incarnation 439

29 Dualism Offers the Best Account of the Incarnation 440
Luke Van Horn

30 The Word Made Flesh: Dualism, Physicalism, and the Incarnation 452
Trenton Merricks

Debating the Resurrection 469

31 Materialism Most Miserable: The Prospects for Dualist and Physicalist Accounts of Resurrection 470
Jonathan J. Loose

32 I Look for the Resurrection of the Dead and the Life of the World to Come 488
Peter van Inwagen

Index 501