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22 Keys to Sales Success: How to Make It Big in Financial Services




22 Keys to Sales Success: How to Make It Big in Financial Services

James M. Benson, Paul Karasik

ISBN: 978-1-576-60149-5 April 2004 203 Pages


In the past few years, the financial industry has undergone dynamic structural changes that have deeply affected the sales process. Bruised by market volatility, today's consumer is skeptical and demands more for less. A business needs fresh approaches to sell in today's tough marketplace.

Here are the 22 Keys that can help any financial professional make more money, work less, and maximize his potential. Industry leaders James Benson and Paul Karasik combine their personal experience with the shared wisdom of the masters. Each key contains proven, actionable sales guidelines, including:

  • The four primary fears that could destroy a sale--and how to help prospects overcome them
  • The nine most effective strategic approaches to "target marketing" success
  • Five guidelines for qualifying prospects more effectively
  • Sixty-five ways to snap a sales slump
  • Ten ways to get clients to say yes
  • Four simple steps to generate new business with current clients
  • Five guidelines for overcoming objections
  • Six sample scripts to make closing ratios soar

Whether a company has been in business for years or is just beginning, each key will unlock a new door on the path to sales success.



Key 1 Take control of the sale.

Key 2 Focus on clients, not compensation.

Key 3 Position with mission.

Key 4 Go long and deep.

Key 5 You've got to believe.

Key 6 Don't be afraid to walk away: Jim's epiphany.

Key 7 Give them something to say "yes" to.

Key 8 Develop a marketing rhythm.

Key 9 Follow the 60-20-20 rule.

Key 10 Automate your sales process.

Key 11 Open the Johari window.

Key 12 Market yourself as the expert.

Key 13 Generate new business with existing clients.

Key 14 Master the art of communication.

Key 15 Demand objections.

Key 16 Always be closing.

Key 17 Be your own sales manager.

Key 18 Cultivate your referrals.

Key 19 Create your compelling vision.

Key 20 Close more sales with scripting.

Key 21 Make them love you.

Key 22 Energize your success.