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Can We Do That?!: Outrageous PR Stunts That Work -- And Why Your Company Needs Them




Can We Do That?!: Outrageous PR Stunts That Work -- And Why Your Company Needs Them

Peter Shankman

ISBN: 978-1-118-04469-8 January 2011 211 Pages


This fun and friendly book looks at real-life PR stunts that will blow your mind and inspire you to develop innovative and creative ways to get your company noticed. PR guru Peter Shankman chronicles the most ridiculous, outrageous, and possibly crazy PR stunts of all time—explaining why some work and others don’t. This is a funny, insightful guide to winning the PR game.

Chapter 1. Who Am I, and Why the Heck Should You Listen to Me?

You don't know me from anyone-but I'm known. And I've gotten my clients known. Who am I? Why should you listen to me?

Chapter 2. PR Basics.

What IS PR? What is GOOD PR? What is BAD PR? What makes reported want to listen? What makes them want to shut you off and block your e-mail from their system? What makes reported and the public happy? What makes them unhappy?

Chapter 3. Coming Up with the Off-the-Wall Idea, and Making It Stick.

Talking about how no to be afraid of reaction to an idea, the beginnings of how to think differently, ways to get into that kind of think-different mindset, getting out of the office and into a good brain...ROAR to get your idea approved!

Chapter 4. Coming Up with and Implementing the Big Idea-Part One.

WebDive 2000 and our first of many "ARE YOU INSANE?" comments.

Chapter 5. Coming Up with and Implementing the Big Idea-Part Two.

The Flying Fingers Yarn Bus-Best Campaign of 2005.

Chapter 6. Coming Up with and Implementing the Big Idea-Part Three.

The AirTroductions Launch-One website, over 250 media outlets around the world.

Chapter 7. Coming Up with and Implementing the Big Idea and what Happens When It's Too Successful?

The RegisterFree.Com Free Domain Name Hour-Or, how to shut down the Internet.

Chapter 8. What Happens When You Lose Your Voice?

Legal has just told you to shut up. Or a 60 Minutes crew is waiting in your lobby. No matter how much fun PR is, there's always crisis management to think of. A Primer.

Chapter 9. You Don't Have to run Over Someone to Get Press.

It's not about celebrity all of the time. In fact, sometimes it can be, just by note being.

Chapter 10. What Happens When Your Perfectly Thought-Out Plan Hits a Snag?

When your parachute opens and you get spun around, line twists are often the result. Kicking out of them tends to work and get you down safely. Here's how to kick out of potential snags that could leave you hung up.

Chapter 11. Putting It All Together.

Wrap-ups, what we've learned, what if something happens that we didn't talk about.

Chapter 12. The Resources Section!

Places to get more info, websites, mailing lists, groups, organizations, etc.


  • Students will learn how and why: A stolen Yoo-Hoo truck became a promotional and media relations coup;'s "Free Hour" promotion was so successful it virtually shut down Internet access on the East Coast for nine hours; More than 100 CEOs, workers, and media figures jumped out of a plane in the name of brand visibility ; A small yarn shop in upstate New York caught on with hip city dwellers interested in eating their sweaters.
  • Shankman looks at these and many more case studies and provides the historical background and follow-up needed to fully gauge their success.
  • Can We Do That?! explores the tactics and stunts that work, and shows you students to apply them to a business without busting the budget.