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Operations, Strategy, and Technology: Pursuing the Competitive Edge




Operations, Strategy, and Technology: Pursuing the Competitive Edge

Robert H. Hayes, Gary P. Pisano, David M. Upton, Steven C. Wheelwright

ISBN: 978-0-471-65579-4 February 2004 400 Pages


Hayes is a founder of the Operations Strategy field, and all four authors are on the Harvard Business School faculty.  In Operations, Strategy, and Technology: Pursuing the Competitive Edge--the long-awaited follow-up to the highly successful classic, Restoring Our Competitive Edge--Bob Hayes, Gary Pisano, Dave Upton, and Steve Wheelwright take a fresh look at the foundations of corporate success.  This book addresses the basic principles that guide the development of a powerful operations organization, and describes how a company's operating and technological resources can be applied to create a sustainable competitive advantage in today's "new" (global and IT-intensive) economy. Achieving a competitive advantage through superior operations is what the authors refer to as the "operations edge."

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  • Focuses on the basic principles that create the foundation for an organization's operational success and describes how to strategically manage operating and technology resources.
  • Provides an overall framework for thinking about the management of a firm's operations function, rather than specific tools and techniques.
  • Addresses key topics such as corporate networks, information technology, process development, project management, and different ways of managing operating improvement. 
  • Provides the latest thinking on operations strategy, capacity planning, and outsourcing/vertical integration, based on the latest academic research and corporate experience. 
  • Includes examples in manufacturing and services, including Intel, Yahoo, McDonalds, and Dell.