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Packaging Sustainability: Tools, Systems and Strategies for Innovative Package Design




Packaging Sustainability: Tools, Systems and Strategies for Innovative Package Design

Wendy Jedlicka

ISBN: 978-1-119-10386-8 March 2015 368 Pages


How to take the lead with sustainable packaging design solutions

With initiatives like the Wal-Mart Scorecard in the U.S. and the E.U.'s Packaging Directive, delivering sustainable packaging is now an integral part of today's global competitive market. Written by experts from a wide variety of fields, here is a comprehensive, single source of actionable information that enables everyone involved in the design and development process to make smart, informed decisions, opening new possibilities for creating truly innovative solutions.

Wendy Jedlicka, CPP (Roseville, MN) is President of Jedlicka Design Ltd. and a member of the faculty at Minneapolis College of Art and Design's groundbreaking Sustainable Design Certificate Program. A Certified Packaging Professional, she serves as Upper Midwest Chapter Chair (, as well as U.S. co-coordinator for the o2 Global Green Design Network (, and contributes frequently to Packaging Design magazine's "Sustainability Update" feature column.

Chapter 1: Taking the First Step.

Chapter 2: Mechanics of Human Behavior.

Chapter 3: Marketing and Truth.

Chapter 4: Laws and Economics.

Chapter 5: Systems Thinking.

Chapter 6: Materials and Processes.

Chapter 7: Innovation Toolbox.

Endnotes and Resources.

"Packaging Sustainability, a textbook that combines big picture systems thinking on the role designers play in our consumer culture with a practical how-to manual for creating sustainable packaging. Armed with the information and advice in Packaging Sustainability, designers will look at their next package design project as more than an assignment; they'll discover an invitation to innovate." (Communication Arts, Sep/Oct 2009)
  • Covers a systems approach to packaging which allows the designer to make smart, informed decisions at all points throughout the packaging design process
  • Timely guide that will help packaging designers and brand managers reduce packaging which represents 30% of the US wastestream (second only to construction)
  • Contributors include practitioners, designers, engineers, marketers, psychologists and ecologists - a full spectrum of practitioners who offer a complete view of all aspects of sustainable packaging design issues.
  • Contains a full section devoted to materials and processes currently available to the packaging designer, and shows the advantages and disadvantages of each