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Signage and Wayfinding Design: A Complete Guide to Creating Environmental Graphic Design Systems, 2nd Edition




Signage and Wayfinding Design: A Complete Guide to Creating Environmental Graphic Design Systems, 2nd Edition

Chris Calori, David Vanden-Eynden

ISBN: 978-1-119-08582-9 May 2015 320 Pages



A new edition of the market-leading guide to signage and wayfinding design

This new edition of Signage and Wayfinding Design: A Complete Guide to Creating Environmental Graphic Design Systems has been fully updated to offer you the latest, most comprehensive coverage of the environmental design process—from research and design development to project execution. Utilizing a cross-disciplinary approach that makes the information relevant to architects, interior designers, landscape architects, graphic designers, and industrial designers alike, the book arms you with the skills needed to apply a standard, proven design process to large and small projects in an efficient and systematic manner.

Environmental graphic design is the development of a visually cohesive graphic communication system for a given site within the built environment. Increasingly recognized as a contributor to well-being, safety, and security, EGD also extends and reinforces the brand experience. Signage and Wayfinding Design provides you with Chris Calori's proven "Signage Pyramid" method, which makes solving complex design problems in a comprehensive signage program easier than ever before.

  • Features full-color design throughout with 100+ new images from real-world projects
  • Provides an in-depth view of design thinking applied to the EGD process
  • Explains the holistic development of sign information, graphic, and hardware systems.
  • Outlines the latest sign material, lighting, graphic application, and digital communication technologies
  • Highlights code and updated ADA considerations

If you're a design professional tasked with communicating meaningful information in the built environment, this vital resource has you covered.

Foreword to the Second Edition viii

Foreword to the First Edition x

Acknowledgments xii

Introduction xv

1 What Is Environmental Graphic Design? 2

The Spectrum of EGD Activity 5

The Importance of EGD Today 10

Digital Information Systems and EGD 16

You Can't Learn This in College 21

What's Ahead in This Book 22

2 The Design Process 24

The Client Is Part of the Process 26

The Design Process Applied to EGD 26

Phase 1: Data Collection and Analysis (Predesign) 28

Phase 2: Schematic Design 30

Phase 3: Design Development 38

Phase 4: Documentation 48

Phase 5: Bidding (Postdesign) 60

Phase 6: Fabrication/Installation Observation 65

Phase 7: Postinstallation Evaluation 77

Chapter Wrap-Up 78

3 Overview of the Signage Pyramid Method 80

Genesis of a Design Approach 80

The Signage Pyramid's Component Systems 81

The Signage Pyramid and Resource Allocation 84

Chapter Wrap-up 89

4 The Information Content System 90

Kinds of Sign Information Content 91

Hierarchy of Content 98

Developing the Sign Information Content System 100

Navigation: Message Hierarchy and Proximity 111

Other Factors Affecting the Sign Information Content System 114

Pictorial Information Content 123

Signage Master Plans 125

Chapter Wrap-Up 125

5 The Graphic System 126

Typography Overview 127

Choosing a Typeface 129

Typographic Treatment 134

Typographic Considerations in Signage for People Who Read by Touch 141

Symbols and Arrows 143

Diagrams 150

Other Graphic Elements 156

Color 157

Layout 165

Overview of Sign Graphic Application Processes 181

Chapter Wrap-up 191

6 The Hardware System 192

Shape 193

Connotations of Form 200

Sign Mounting Considerations 203

Sign Size Considerations 209

Sign Lighting Overview 212

Sign Materials Overview 218

Basic Sign Materials 222

Electronic Digital Display Units 236

Stock Sign Hardware Systems 244

Sign Materials and Codes 246

Overview of Sign Coatings and Finishes 247

Chapter Wrap-up 255

Gallery 256

Image Credits 286

Bibliography 292

Index 295

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