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Dynamics of Earth's Deep Interior and Earth Rotation

Dynamics of Earth's Deep Interior and Earth Rotation

J.-L. Le Mouël (Editor), D. E. Smylie (Editor), T. Herring (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66673-9 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 189 Pages



Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 72.

The study of the Earth's deep interior is the object of a spectacular development due both to new techniques of observation (including very long baseline interferometry and superconducting gravimeters) and to progress in theory spurred by new computing capability. Stimulated by the international SEDI group, founded in 1986, geophysicists from different disciplines—Earth dynamicists, seismologists, geomagneticians, mineral physicists—began to cooperate and integmte more fully one another's work. SEDI meetings favor and promote those close contacts and cooperation. Great efforts will still be needed before all the disciplinary divisions dissolve—if they ever do—but things are clearly improving, as shown by this AGU monograph. We think indeed that this volume is a good, although incomplete, illustration of the situation as described above and that it is a benchmark in the exciting story of the progress in knowledge of the deep interior of our planet.

J.-L. Le Mouel, D. E. Smylie, T. Herring ix

Helmut Moritz xi

1 Core Dynamics and Surface Gravity Changes
Jacques Hinderer and David Crossley 1

2 A Search for Evidence of Short Period Polar Motion in VLBI and Supergravimetry Observations
Keith D. Aldridge and W. H. Cannon 17

3 IDA Tidal Data and the Earth's Nearly Diurnal Free Wobble
Phil R. Cummins and John M. Wahr 25

4. Inner Core Motions: Implications on Earth Rotation
Anthony M. K. Szeto 31

5 New Analysis of the Superconducting Gravimeter Data of Brussels
V. Dehant, B. Ducarme and P. D. Defraigne 35

6 Variation of J2 and Internal Loads
Marianne Lefftz and Hilaire Legros 45

7 A Generalized 'Core Resonance' Phenomenon: Inferences from a Poincare Core Model
L. Ian Lumb, Keith D. Aldridge and Gary A. Henderson 51

8 Analytical Computation of Modes Using Boundary-Layer Theory
K. Degryse and V. Dehant 69

9 Numerical Calculation of Modes of Oscillation of the Earth's Core
D. E. Smylie and Xianhua Jiang 81

10 A Comparative Analysis of Superconducting Gravimeter Data
D. E. Smylie, Jacques Hinderer, Bernd Richter, Bernard Ducarme and Lalu Mansinha 91

11 Time-Dependent Flow at the Core Surface and Conservation of Angular Momentum in the Coupled
Core-Mantle System
Andrew Jackson, Jeremy Bloxham and David Gubbins 97

12 Angular Momentum Transfer between the Earth's Core and Mantle
Raymond Hide 109

13 Geomagnetic Estimates of Steady Surficial Core Flow and Flux Diffusion: Unexpected Geodynamo
Coerte V. Voorhies 113

14 Degree One Heterogeneity at the Top of the Earth's Core, Revealed by SmKS Travel Times
Satoru Tanaka and Hiroyuki Hamaguchi 127

15 Aspherical Structure of the Mantle, Tectonic Plate Motions, Nonhydrostatic Geoid, and
Topography of the Core-Mantle Boundary
Alessandro M. Forte, Adam M. Dziewonskiand Robert L. Woodward 135

16 Constraints on Mantle Structure from Seismological and Convection Results
Philippe Machetel 167

17 Constraints on the Temperature and Composition of the Base of the Mantle
Michael E. Wysession, Craig R. Bina and Emile A. Okal 181