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Research Methods in Language Policy and Planning: A Practical Guide




Research Methods in Language Policy and Planning: A Practical Guide

Francis M. Hult, David Cassels Johnson

ISBN: 978-1-118-34044-8 April 2015 Wiley-Blackwell 280 Pages



This is the first volume exclusively devoted to research methods in language policy and planning (LPP).

  • Each chapter is written by a leading language policy expert and provides a how-to guide to planning studies as well as gathering and analyzing data
  • Covers a broad range of methods, making it easily accessible to and useful for transdisciplinary researchers working with language policy in any capacity
  • Will serve as both a foundational methods text for graduate students and novice researchers, and a useful methodological reference for experienced LPP researchers
  • Includes a series of guidelines for public engagement to assist scholars as they endeavor to incorporate their work into the public policy process

Notes on Contributors vii

Foreword xii
Thomas Ricento

1 Introduction: The Practice of Language Policy Research 1
Francis M. Hult and David Cassels Johnson

Part I Fundamental Considerations 7

2 Selecting Appropriate Research Methods in LPP Research: Methodological Rich Points 9
Nancy H. Hornberger

3 Researcher Positionality 21
Angel M.Y. Lin

4 Ethical Considerations in Language Policy Research 33
Suresh Canagarajah and Phiona Stanley

5 Language Policy and Political Theory 45
Stephen May

6 Language and Law 56
Dimitry Kochenov and Fernand de Varennes

Part II Methodological Approaches to Language Planning and Policy Research 67

7 Exploring Language Problems through Q‐Sorting 69
Joseph Lo Bianco

8 Ethnography in Language Planning and Policy Research 81
Teresa L. McCarty

9 Classroom Discourse Analysis as a Lens on Language‐in‐Education Policy Processes 94
Marilyn MartinJones

10 Applying Corpus Linguistics to Language Policy 107
Shannon FitzsimmonsDoolan

11 The Economics of Language Policy: An Introduction to Evaluation Work 118
François Grin and François Vaillancourt

12 Analyzing Language Policies in New Media 130
Helen KellyHolmes

13 Historical‐Structural Analysis 140
James W. Tollefson

14 Interpretive Policy Analysis for Language Policy 152
Sarah Catherine K. Moore and Terrence G. Wiley

15 Intertextuality and Language Policy 166
David Cassels Johnson

16 Mapping Language Ideologies 181
Adnan Ajsic and Mary McGroarty

17 Investigating Relationships between Language Attitudes and Policy Issues 193
Åsa Palviainen and Ari Huhta

18 Using Census Data and Demography in Policy Analysis 205
Minglang Zhou

19 Making Policy Connections across Scales Using Nexus Analysis 217
Francis M. Hult

Public Engagement and the LPP Scholar 233

Appendix A Interacting with Schools and Communities 235
Rebecca Freeman Field

Appendix B Participating in Policy Debates about Language 240
John R. Rickford

Appendix C Interacting with Politicians and Policymakers 244
Lava D. Awasthi

Appendix D Managing Media Appearances 248
Kendall A. King

Index 253