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Social Movements for Good: How Companies and Causes Create Viral Change




Social Movements for Good: How Companies and Causes Create Viral Change

Derrick Feldmann

ISBN: 978-1-119-13342-1 January 2016 224 Pages



Create real change in the new social movement paradigm

Social Movements for Good is a guidebook for driving change, by taking advantage of the social "currency" that makes movements go viral. Author Derrick Feldmann has spent a career showing organizations how to best reach donors, activists, and employees, and engage a new generation of supporters. In this book, he shares his secrets alongside the stories of today's most successful social good movements by companies and nonprofits. You'll learn about the leaders behind these movements, the individuals who responded, and the approaches that made it work. Modern social movements operate within a new paradigm, and this informative guide walks you through how these movements are created, why people get on board, and the strategy and support network that must be in place for it to succeed.

Just going viral isn't enough to make a movement successful—there must be a plan, and the right people with the right skills to follow through with the execution. This book shows you who you need on your side, what they need to do their jobs, and which tools and methods are proving most effective every day.

  • Read the stories of today's most successful social good movements
  • Understand how modern social movements are created
  • Learn how to truly activate a new generation of activists and supporters
  • Formulate an approach that makes the public respond to your issue

Effective social movements don't arise by accident. People don't spontaneously come together and effect real change. If you want your movement to succeed, you need a solid strategy and the tools to follow through. Social Movements for Good is your roadmap to viral success and the advancement of your cause.

Preface xiii

Acknowledgments xix

About the Author xxi

Chapter 1 The Movement for Good 1

Defining Movements 3

Social Movements versus Social Movements for Good 5

Why Do Social Movements for Good Matter? 7

Four Phases of Social Movements for Good 8

Phase 1: Building and Gathering a Group of Believers 8

Phase 2: Letting the People Take Action with One Another 9

Phase 3: The Pinnacle Action 10

Phase 4: Sustaining the Movement 11

Social Movements for Good—A New Generation of Activism 12

Social Movements—The Power of the People 13

Chapter 2 Empathy 15

We Are Human 18

Does Impact Matter? 20

Example 1: Feeling Good 21

Helping Makes Me Happy 23

Implications for Social Movements 25

The Why Behind Social Movement Participation Viewpoint—Social Movement Builder, James Coan, University of Virginia 27

Chapter 3 From Belonging to Owning a Movement 31

Experience Over Joining 33

Acting without Purpose 34

Telling Is Less Important than Self-Directing 35

Inclusivity Beats VIP 36

Self-Realizing Is Powerful 37

Believing In Is Better than Belonging To 38

The Importance for Social Movements 40

How People Engage With Movements Today

Viewpoint—Social Movement Builder,

Adam Braun, Pencils of Promise 41

Chapter 4 Creating a Message to Believe In 49

Why a Message? 52

Elevating the Person in the Context of the Crowd 52

YOU 53

Conceivable Outcome 53

Participatory Language 54

One Person Affected 54

Impact Is in the Eye of the Beholder 55

We Are Using Your Assets Now 56

Witness the Beneficiary 56

Implications for Social Movements 57

Social Movement Messaging

Viewpoint—Social Movement Builder, Azita Ardakani, LoveSocial 59

Chapter 5 Letting My Passion Be Heard through a Sign 63

Symbolism and the Social Movement 63

Symbolism in Today’s Social Movements 65

Why Symbols? 66

Types of Social Good Movement Symbols 70

When a Symbol Becomes an Action 71

Does a Movement Need a Symbol? 72

The Human Rights Campaign Logo—a

Testament to Memorable Symbolism in Social Good Movements 72

An Adaptation Sparks a Viral Social Good Movement 73

Implications for Social Movements 76

Social Movement Symbolism Viewpoint—Social Movement Builder, Jay Coen Gilbert, B Lab and B Corporations 77

Chapter 6 The Business of Doing Good 81

The Sustainable Movement 82

Sustainable Practice 84

Sustainable Products and Services 84

Sustainable Community 84

Social Good Business Models 85

Social Business Movement Builders 86

Internal Policy Changes 87

Consumer Communities for Good 88

Governmental Policy Change 88

The B Corporation Movement 89

Patagonia—Creating a Social Movement for Business Since 1960 90

Implications for Social Movements 93

Companies and Social Movements

Viewpoint—Social Movement Builder, Kim Jordan, New Belgium Brewing Company 95

Chapter 7 Delivering Hope Abroad 99

International Aid Has Changed 100

Contrasting Home with Abroad 103

Multiplier Effect 104

Sponsorship Model 104

Awareness and Campaigning Model 106

Awareness through Products 111

Owning the Cause 111

Implications for Social Movements 112

International Social Movements

Viewpoint—Social Movement Builder, Shea and Raan Parton, Apolis 113

Chapter 8 The Creative Behind a Social Movement for Good 117

Why Creative Matters 120

Moving People through Existing Actions 120

Real People Inspire Real Movements 122

Not Talking Down to Audiences 125

Leveling Audience Statements 126

Talking Down Statements 126

Implications for Social Movements 128

Creative Approaches to Social Movements

Viewpoint—Social Movement Builder, Joe Rospars, Blue State Digital 131

Chapter 9 Bringing a Social Movement for Good to a College Campus Near You 135

The Campus—Perfect Setting for a Movement 137

The Campus Leaders 140

Who Are They? 142

When Did They First Get Involved? 143

How Do They Motivate Their Peers? 144

Making It All Happen 145

Implications for Social Movements 146

College Based Social Movements

Viewpoint—Social Movement Builder, THON Volunteers 147

Chapter 10 The Power of Peers 151

Understanding the Roles of Networks and Peers 153

Using Networks and Peers for Good 158

Approaches to Social Movements for Good and Peer Engagement 160

Self-Organizing 161

Implications for Social Movements 164

Peer Engagement in Social Movements Viewpoint—Social Movement Builder, Scott Harrison, charity: water 165

Chapter 11 # 169

History 169

Using a Hashtag—Why? 170

The Power of a Hashtag 171

#Unselfie 172

#LoveWins 173

#Bringbackourgirls 175

#Icebucketchallenge 176

How It All Began 176

Why Did It Work? 177

What the Critics Said 179

What Can Be Learned 180

Does Hashtag Activism Really Work? 182

Intent 182

Expectations 183

The Importance for Social Movements 183

Hashtag Activism for Social Movements Viewpoint—Social Movement Builder, Mallory Brown, World Clothes Line 185

Conclusion 189

Index 195