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The Handbook of Chinese Linguistics

C. T. James Huang (Editor), Y. H. Audrey Li (Editor), Andrew Simpson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-58454-5 February 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 680 Pages


The Handbook of Chinese Linguistics is the first comprehensive introduction to Chinese linguistics from the perspective of modern theoretical and formal linguistics. Containing twenty-five chapters, the book offers a balanced, accessible and thoughtfully organized introduction to some of the most important results of research into Chinese linguistics carried out by theoretical linguists during the last thirty years. Presenting critical overviews of a wide range of major topics, it is the first to meet the great demand for an overview volume on core areas of Chinese linguistics.

Authoritative contributions describe and assess the major achievements and controversies of research undertaken in each area, and provide bibliographies for further reading. The contributors refer both to their own work in relevant fields, and objectively present a range of competitor theories and analyses, resulting in a volume that is fully comprehensive in its coverage of theoretical research into Chinese linguistics in recent years.

This unique Handbook is suitable both as a primary reader for structured, taught courses on Chinese linguistics at university level, and for individual study by graduates and other professional linguists.

List of Figures vii

List of Tables ix

Notes on Contributors x

Foreword xiv

Part I Syntax, Semantics, and Morphology 1

1 Morphology 3
Wei-Wen Roger Liao

2 Classifiers 26
Francesca del Gobbo

3 Adverbial Adjuncts in Mandarin Chinese 49
Thomas Ernst

4 Light Verbs 73
T.-H. Jonah Lin

5 Topic and Focus 100
Shu-Ing Shyu

6 Aspect 126
Hooi Ling Soh

7 Sentence-Final Particles 156
Andrew Simpson

8 Wh-Expressions in Mandarin Chinese 180
Jo-Wang Lin

9 Quantification and Scope 208
Yen-Hui Audrey Li

10 The Syntactic Structure of Noun Phrases 248
Lisa L.-S. Cheng and Rint Sybesma

11 Ellipsis 275
Yen-Hui Audrey Li and Ting-Chi Wei

12 Causal VVs in Mandarin 311
Alexander Williams

13 Comparatives 342
Chen-Sheng Luther Liu

Part II Phonetics, Phonology, and Prosody 367

14 Chinese Phonetics 369
Wai-Sum Lee and Eric Zee

15 Segmental Phonology 400
Yen-Hwei Lin

16 Syllable Structure and Stress 422
San Duanmu

17 Tones, Tonal Phonology, and Tone Sandhi 443
Jie Zhang

18 Prosody and Syntax 465
Andrew Simpson

Part III Language Acquisition and Psycholinguistics 493

19 Bilingual and Multilingual Acquisition of Chinese 495
Stephen Matthews and Virginia Yip

20 Neurocognitive Approaches to the Processing of Chinese 511
Ping Li, Hua Shu, and Youyi Liu

Part IV Historical Linguistics 535

21 Historical Syntax of Chinese 537
Shengli Feng

22 Historical Phonology of Chinese 576
Zev Handel

Part V Morpho-Syntax of Other Non-Mandarin Varieties of Chinese 599

23 Aspects of Cantonese Grammar 601
Sze-Wing Tang and Siu-Pong Cheng

24 Taiwanese Hokkien/Southern Min 629
Miao-Ling Hsieh

Index 657

“…a solid, broad and organized introduction to Chinese linguistics. . . it has much to offer both newcomers to the field and more seasoned scholars of Chinese linguistics. . . worth having in one’s university library, if not in one’s personal collection.”  (Linguist List, 3 November 2015)