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Undocumented Migration

Roberto G Gonzales, Nando Sigona, Martha C Franco

ISBN: 978-1-509-50694-1 November 2019 Polity 192 Pages


Undocumented migration is a global and yet elusive phenomenon. Despite contemporary efforts to patrol national borders and mass deportation programs, it has become firmly placed at the top of the political agenda in many countries, where it receives hostile media coverage and generates fierce political debate. However, as this much-needed book makes clear, unauthorized movement should not be confused or crudely assimilated with the social reality of growing numbers of large, settled populations lacking full citizenship and experiencing precarious lives.

From the journeys migrants take to the lives they seek to lead on arrival and beyond, Undocumented Migration provides a comprehensive and comparative look at how this phenomenon plays out, looking in particular at the United States and Europe.  Drawing on their extensive expertise, the authors breathe life into the various issues and debates surrounding migration, including the experiences and voices of migrants themselves, to offer a critical analysis of a hidden and too often misrepresented population.


Chapter 1: Who Are Undocumented Immigrants?
Chapter 2: Theorizing the Lived Experience of Migrant Illegality
Chapter 3: Geographies of Undocumented Migration
Chapter 4: Immigration Enforcement, Detention, and Deportation
Chapter 5: Undocumented Status and Social Mobility
Chapter 6: Families and Children
Chapter 7: Challenging Exclusion