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Urology, 7th Edition

Amir V. Kaisary, Andrew Ballaro, Katharine Pigott

ISBN: 978-1-118-47102-9 January 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 344 Pages


Urology Lecture Notes contains all the essential knowledge for medical students, junior doctors and early-stage trainees involved in urology placements or urological surgery. With a strong emphasis on clinical presentation, procedures and surgery, it provides an accessible, conversational guide to all the situations likely to be encountered on the wards.

Key features include:
• Extensive illustration to clearly demonstrate relevant procedures, conditions, and physiology
• Important information flagged up in key points
• Self-assessment MCQs to test and help consolidate knowledge

Whether you are preparing for your first urology rotation or looking for a quick reference to all aspects of the system, Urology Lecture Notes provides key support to all students, junior doctors and trainees involved in this specialty.

Preface vi

Acknowledgements vii

Part 1 Meet the patient

1 Assessment of the urological patient: History and examination 3

2 Assessment of the urological patient: Urinalysis and imaging 17

Part 2 The kidneys and adrenal gland

3 The kidney: Embryology, developmental errors and cystic disease 33

4 Kidney trauma 45

5 Kidney infections and inflammation 50

6 Urinary tract calculi 58

7 Kidney neoplasms 73

8 The renal pelvis and ureter 92

9 The adrenal gland 110

Part 3 The bladder and urethra

10 The bladder: Structure, function and investigations 117

11 Bladder infections and inflammation 128

12 Disorders of bladder function 134

13 Bladder cancer 150

Part 4 The prostate gland

14 Benign disorders of the prostate gland 169

15 Prostate cancer 185

Part 5 Male genitalia

16 The urethra 209

17 The penis 228

18 The testicle 245

19 Male infertility 270

Part 6 Additional therapeutic modalities

20 Radiotherapy 281

21 Minimally invasive urology 285

Appendix A: ECOG performance status 294

Appendix B: TNM classification of malignant tumours 295

Appendix C: Response evaluation criteria in solid tumours 297

Appendix D: The Clavien–Dindo classification of surgical complications 300

Appendix E: Adverse effects of cancer treatment 302

Appendix F: Urinary catheters 303

Appendix G: Evidence-based medicine 308

Multiple choice questions 309

Answers 315

Index 321