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Anaesthesia for Obstetrics and Gynaecology



Anaesthesia for Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Robin Russell (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-75995-0 April 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 369 Pages



This latest contribution to the FAAM series provides a comprehensive and up to date discussion of anaesthetic management in pregnancy, during delivery, and in patients undergoing gynaecological surgery. With authoritative contributions from international experts it is a practical reference for all anaesthetists and specialist clinicians.
Part 1: Pregnancy: physiological changes.

Part 1: Pregnancy: anatomical changes.

Part 1: Pregnancy: pharmacological considerations.

Part 1: Pregnancy: anaesthetic considerations.

Part 2: Baby: placenta physiology.

Part 2: Baby: uteroplacental bloodflow.

Part 2: Baby: placental transfer.

Part 2: Baby: fetal/neonatal physiology.

Part 2: Baby: antenatal/prenatal/postnatal assessment.

Part 2: Baby: effects of analgesia/anaesthesia on baby.

Part 2: Baby: drugs and breastfeeding.

Part 3: Pain relief in labour.

Part 4: Regional analgesia/anaesthesia.

Part 5: General anaesthesia.

Part 6: Parturient with coexisting disease.

Par 7: Emergencies.

Part 8: Postnatal assessment.

Part 9: Anaesthesia for gynaecological surgery.

Part 9: Preoperative assessment.

Part 9: Anaesthetic techniques.

Part 9: Post operative care.

Part 9: Day case anaesthesia.

Part 9: Ponv.

Part 9: Laparoscopic problems.

Part 9: Infertility procedures.

Part 9: Oncology.

Part 9: Positioning for surgery lma.

Part 9: Nsaid in gynaecological surgery.

Part 9: Dvt prophylaxia.

Part 9: Oral contraceptive pill and surgery

- Concise, up to date text covering both obstetrics and gynaecology
- Discusses physiological changes in pregnancy
- Recommends strategies for pain relief, emergency treatment, and postnatal management
- Contributions from internationally respected specialists