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Global Marketing Management, 8th Edition

Masaaki (Mike) Kotabe

ISBN: 978-1-119-56311-2 December 2019 756 Pages



Global Marketing Management, 8th Edition combines academic rigor, contemporary relevance, and student-friendly readability to review how marketing managers can succeed in the increasingly competitive international business environment. This in-depth yet accessible textbook helps students understand state-of-the-art global marketing practices and recognize how marketing managers work across business functions to achieve overall corporate goals. The author provides relevant historical background and offers logical explanations of current trends based on information from marketing executives and academic researchers around the world.

Designed for students majoring in business, this thoroughly updated eighth edition both describes today’s multilateral realities and explores the future of marketing in a global context. Building upon four main themes, the text discusses marketing management in light of the drastic changes the global economy has undergone, the explosive growth of information technology and e-commerce, the economic and political forces of globalization, and the various consequences of corporate action such as environmental pollution, substandard food safely, and unsafe work environments. Each chapter contains review and discussion questions to encourage classroom participation and strengthen student learning. 

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  • Extensively updated contemporary examples and in-depth case studies
  • Coverage of current anti-global trends including Brexit, U.S. trade policies, the potential deceleration of the Chinese economy, and instabilities in the Middle East
  • Discussions of major environmental and ethical issues, such as climate change and the use of child labor in the global supply chain
  • Chapters on new emerging markets, internet marketing, and corporate social responsibility have been expanded
  • Presents diverse perspectives on global marketing strategies in different industries and geographic locations
  • Provides numerous case studies of current real-world marketing strategies and practices
  • Discusses a broad range of marketing-related concepts and tools used by actual companies
  • Features chapter overviews and summaries, definitions of key terms, and numerous tables, flowcharts, and illustrations
  • Includes an instructor companion website containing downloadable case studies and supplementary resources