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The New Retirementality: Planning Your Life and Living Your Any Age You Want, Fifth Edition




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The New Retirementality: Planning Your Life and Living Your Any Age You Want, Fifth Edition

Mitch Anthony

ISBN: 978-1-119-61148-6 January 2020 240 Pages

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Stop making a living and start making a life with The New Retirementality™

In 2000, when top financial philosopher and bestselling author Mitch Anthony first presented a new way of thinking about retirement, it was novel, and many critics didn't buy into it. Originally written to get the attention of baby boomers, Mitch ended up starting a revolution by showing us that everything we had read about retirement was wrong—we needed a "new retirementality." Fast-forward to today, when most of us are facing a very different retirement: fewer pensions, escalating healthcare costs, and inadequate savings. For many of us, retirement may never happen, or it will take place much later than we expected.

Far from being full of doom and gloom, The New Retirementality, Fifth Edition, offers a message of hope, along with a roadmap for navigating the choppy waters of retirement planning. While most books focus on Return on Investment, Mitch shows us that Return on Life™—living the best life possible with the resources we have—is a more fulfilling and achievable approach.  New to this edition:

  • The latest research and studies, as well as a discussion of Life-Centered Planning™—a unique approach to financial and retirement planning, focused on individual goals and needs instead of the outmoded one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Explores the role of purpose in retirement planning, including the expanding role of work in retirement, and why it can take three or four tries to get retirement right.
  • Features the New Retirementality Profile, the ROL Index for helping you analyze and reflect on how you are using your money toward improving your life, and worksheets to help you get organized.

Filled with engaging anecdotes, practical advice, and inspirational suggestions, this book will motivate you to rethink what retirement means—and put you in a better position to enjoy the new retirementality you deserve.