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The Top 10 Investments for the Next 10 Years: Investing Your Way to Financial Prosperity




The Top 10 Investments for the Next 10 Years: Investing Your Way to Financial Prosperity

Jim Mellon, Al Chalabi

ISBN: 978-1-841-12802-3 February 2008 Capstone 200 Pages


Jim Mellon and Al Chalabi demystify the process of investment and let you in on a few of their BigIdeas - whilst you work out a few of your own:

Real Estate – can the hot housing markets really continue to generate 20% annual increases?

Stocks & Mutual Funds – the hardest of all investment classes to operate in, so where are the opportunities?

Bonds & Cash – not as boring as you may think, and with the capacity to make you a lot of money!

The ‘BRIC’ Economies – how do the emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China stack up against the four key determinates of growth?

Commodities & Collectables – learn the five reasons why commodities are an investment vehicle set to grow and grow.

‘Green’ Investments – how can we turn the challenges of green and eco-needs into monetary returns on investment?

Given a bit of strategic thinking and proper planning these BigIdeas can turn into MoneyFountains, meaning your financial worries for the future are over before they’ve begun.

“The DIY manual for building lasting wealth” Ross O’Brien, The Economist Group

“Many powerful City pundits would give an arm and a leg for thirty minutes with Jim Mellon. Simply divide your portfolio into 10 equal amounts and invest them in his 10 BigIdeas - the advice in this book will beat most professional fund managers by leaps and bounds.” Sven Lorenz, market commentator, author & investor, and columnist for Money Week

“Packed with wise, practical advice, this book puts in plain English what every investor needs to know.” Alexandra Harney, former South China Correspondent, The Financial Times

“If fund managers are so smart why do they sit opposite me? As an investor who backs his own judgement with cash, Jim Mellon sits on the same side, I only wish I had met him many many, years ago!” Peter Simon, owner and founder, Monsoon & Accessorize

Chapter One: Why Are We Here? 

Chapter Two: Getting Your House in Order.

Savings Crisis.

The Building Blocks to Prosperity.


Chapter Three: Real Estate.

Chapter Four: Stocks & Mutual Funds.

Chapter Five: Bonds and Cash.

Chapter Six: The BRIC Economies.

Chapter Seven: Commodities & Collectables.

Chapter Eight: Green Investments.

Chapter Nine: Diagnostic Grid.

Chapter Ten: Summary.


Appendix A: How to Prepare Your Household Budget.

Appendix B: How to Open A Brokerage Account.


"...a timely, practical reminder that it's never too late to start investing for tomorrow" (, February 2008)

“When it comes to seeking advice on making a fortune in business, take it from someone who knows”. (, Monday 18th February 2008)

"Worried people may benefit from reading [the book]…which offers practical solutions for investing in tomorrow.” (Pensions Age, February 2008)

“… investors clamour to find out where the oracle reckons they should be putting their cash in the next decade.” (Sunday Express, Sunday 24th February 2008)

“… a self-help guide for the investment shy…giving step-by-step advice about how to make more money for the future.” (Pension's Age, February 2008)

“…the book’s main benefit was to show me that the mysteries of investment…lie within my grasp.” (Financial World, March 2008)