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Facility Management, 2nd Edition




Facility Management, 2nd Edition

Edmond P. Rondeau, Robert Kevin Brown, Paul D. Lapides

ISBN: 978-1-119-46112-8 July 2017 648 Pages

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From the moment it was first published, Facility Management became the ultimate reference for facility and design professionals who want to create a productive workplace that corresponds to the short- and long-term goals of their corporation. This Second Edition provides complete, fully up-to-date information and guidance on the evolving facility management profession that will help facility professionals and their service providers meet and exceed these goals.
1. An Overview of Facility Management.


Organizational and Human Resources Issues.


The Facility Management Mission.

You are Your Customer.

Negotiation Strategies.

Total Quality Management (TQM).

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


2. Long-Range and Annual Facility Planning.

Long-Range Facility Planning Process.

Strategic Facility Management Functions.

Synchronizing Corporate Planning and Corporate Facility Management.

Strategic Planning.

Annual Operating Plan.

The Long-Range Plan.

Sample: Corporate Facilities Procedures.

Strategic Real Estate and Facility Planning.

Strategic Corporate Facility Management Information.

Disposition of Assets.


3. Facility Financial Forecasting and Management.

Annual Operating Plan.

Long-Range Plan.

Appropriation Request.

Trend and Ratio Analyses.

Capital Budgeting Evaluation.

Present-Value Model.

Risk Analysis Models.

Investment Value Approach.

Financial and facility Alternatives.

Capital Project Tracking.

Capital Project Tracking System Process and Sequence.

Disposing of Assets.



4. Real Estate Considerations, Analysis, and Planning.

Responsibilities and Objectives of the Real Estate Function.

Best Practices in Corporate Real Estate Management.

Issues for Review and Analysis.

Real Estate and Facility Inventory.

Determining Your Customer’s Requirements.

Lease Property: Negotiating Checklist.

Sample Lease: Proposal Letter.

Sample Purchase: Letter of Intent.

Site Criteria Considerations.

Selecting a Real Estate Broker.

Sample Sales Agency Agreement.

Principal Analytical and Transactional Activities.

The Process of Acquisition.

Your Site Evaluation Criteria.

Your Customer’s Site Evaluation Criteria.

Environmental and Due Diligence Issues.

Sample Property Environmental Executive Summary.

Legal Document Review Process.

Lease Agreement Sample for ABC Company.


5. Architectural and Engineering Planning and Design.

Design Requirements and Layout.

LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Design Firm Selection Process.

Suggestions for Selecting a Design Firm.

Sample: Request for Proposal for Architectural Consulting Services.

Programming and Design.


Contract Documents.


Closing and Costs.

Building Programming and Design Illustrated.

Campus and High-Rise Office Concepts.


6. Interior Programming and Space Planning.

Space and Furnishing Standards.

Sample: ABC Company Furnishing Standards.

National Purchasing Contracts.

Space Programming Illustrated.

Alternative Project Delivery Systems.

Ergonomic and Life Safety Issues.

Additional Planning and Design Requirements—Current Trends.

Facility! Management Information System.

Work Environment Trends.


7. Construction and Renovation Work.

Capital and Churn Projects.


Reviewing and Awarding the Construction Contract.

Sample: Bid Announcement.

Sample: Contract Agreement for Construction.

Preconstruction Meeting.


Project Costs.

Certificate of Occupancy and Punch List.

Owner-Furnished Items.


Sample: Relocation and Moving Proposal.

Sample: Relocation Instructions Memorandum.

Build-to-Suit Concerns (Turnkey Acquisition).

Sample: Request for Proposal for a Build-to-Suit.

New Paradigms.

Private Funding Initiatives.


8. Maintenance and Operations.

The Importance of Maintenance and Operations.

Predictive maintenance.

Goals of Maintenance and Operations.

Maintenance and Operations Alternatives.

The Facility Maintenance Management Function.

Management Planning Process.

Sample: Outsourcing Maintenance Services Request for Proposal Guidelines and Statement of Work.

Managing the Physical Asset.

Intracompany and Customer Relations.

Financial Reporting and Controls.

Administrative Responsibilities.

Marketing and Leasing.


9. General Administrative and Technology Services.

Security and Safety.

Disaster Avoidance and Recovery.

Records Management.

Furnishings and Equipment Inventory.

Mail and Copy Center Services.

Audio/Visual Equipment Services.

Conference Room Scheduling.

Food and Beverage Service.

Recycling and Confidential Destruction Services.


Telecommunications and Computer Integration.


10. Successful Facility Management.

Hands-On Experience.


Integrated Asset Management.

Government and Legislative Trends.

Technological Changes.

Communication and Leadership.

Moving Toward the Future.


From Now Toward the Future.

The Future of Facility Management.


Glossary of Facility Management Definitions and Buzz Words.