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Invitation to Psychodynamic Psychology




Invitation to Psychodynamic Psychology

Alessandra Lemma-Wright

ISBN: 978-1-897-63562-9 May 1995 220 Pages


This work introduces the basic assumptions and concepts of psychodynamic psychology. Since the term "psychodynamic" can be applied to a number of diverse schools of thought, the book stresses the commonalities across the various schools rather than exposing in detail the differences between the theories. No prior knowledge of psychoanalytic ideas is assumed in the book.

By asking and answering a number of commonly posed questions, the author aims to introduce psychoanalytic ideas by showing their relevance to understanding ourselves and our interactions with others. The book's most important message is that psychoanalytic ideas are accessible and enlightening, though it also discusses some of the limitations and problems of the theory and its applications.

Part One Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality.

Part Two The unconscious.

Part Three Love and Relationships.

Part Four Psychic Pain and psychic Change.