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Criticality in Neural Systems


Leading authorities in the field review current experimental and theoretical knowledge on
criticality and brain function.

The book begins by summarizing experimental evidence for criticality and self-organized
criticality in the brain. Subsequently, important breakthroughs in modeling of critical neuronal circuits and how to establish self-organized criticality in the brain are described.

A milestone publication, defining upcoming directions of research in this new fi eld and set to become the primary source of information on the brain and criticality.

Neuronal Avalanches in Cortical Networks
Dietmar Plenz

The Dynamic Brain in Action: Coordinative Structures,
Criticality and Coordination Dynamics
J. A. Scott Kelso

Critical Brain Dynamics at Large Scale
Dante R Chialvo

The Correlation of the Neuronal Long-range Temporal Correlations, Avalanche Dynamics with the Behavioral Scaling Laws and Interindividual Variability
J. Matias Palva and Satu Palva

The Turbulent Human Brain
Arnold. J. Mandell, Stephen E. Robinson, Karen A. Selz, Constance Schrader, Tom Holroyd and Richard Coppola

Thermodynamic Model of Criticality in the Cortex Based on EEG/ECoG Data
Robert Kozma, Marko Puljic and Walter J. Freeman

Neuronal Avalanches in the Human Brain
Oren Shriki and Dietmar Plenz

Critical Slowing and Perception
Karl Friston, Michael Breakspear and Gustavo Deco

Self-organized Criticality in Neural Network Models
Matthias Rybarsch and Stefan Bornholdt

Single Neuron Response Fluctuations: A Self-organized Criticality Point of View
Asaf Gal and Shimon Marom

Activity Dependent Model for Neuronal Avalanches
Lucilla de Arcangelis and Hans J. Herrmann

The Neuronal Network Oscillation as a Critical Phenomenon
Richard Hardstone, Huibert D. Mansvelder, Klaus Linkenkaer-Hansen

Critical Exponents, Universality Class & Thermodynamic: The "Temperature" Of the Brain
Shan Yu, Hongdian Yang, Oren Shriki and Dietmar Plenz

Peak Variability and Optimal Performance in Cortical Networks at Criticality
Hongdian Yang, Woodrow L. Shew, Rajarshy Roy, and Dietmar Plenz

Criticality At Work: How Do Critical Networks Respond to Stimuli?
Mauro Copelli

Critical Dynamics in Complex Networks
Daniel B. Larremore, Woodrow L. Shew, Juan G. Restrepo

Mechanisms of Self-organized Criticality in Adaptive Networks
Thilo Gross, Anne-Ly Do, Felix Droste, and Christian Meisel

Cortical Networks with Lognormal Synaptic Connectivity and their Implications in Neuronal Avalanches
Tomoki Fukai, Vladimir Klinshov and Jun-nosuke Teramae

Jump Right In: Transitions to Criticality in Neural Systems with Dynamic Synapses
Anna Levina, J. Michael Herrmann, Theo Geisel

Non-conservative Neuronal Networks During Up states Self-organize Near Critical Points
Stefan Mihalas, Daniel Millman, Ramakrishnan Iyer, Alfredo Kirkwood and Ernst Niebur

Self-organized Criticality and Near Criticality in Neural Networks
J. D. Cowan, J. Neuman, and W. van Drongelen

Neural Dynamics: Criticality, Cooperation, Avalanches and Entrainment between Complex Networks
P. Grigolini, M. Zare, A. Svenkeson, B. J. West

Complex Networks: From Social Crises to Neuronal Avalanches
B. J. West, M. Turalska and P. Grigolini

The Dynamics of Neuromodulation
Gerhard Werner and Bernhard J. Mitterauer