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DIY Super For Dummies, 2nd Australian Edition




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DIY Super For Dummies, 2nd Australian Edition

Trish Power

ISBN: 978-0-730-37807-5 September 2019 320 Pages

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Take control of your retirement savings with this practical guide on DIY super

Use this comprehensive and easy-to-understand resource to set up and run your own self-managed super fund. Discover how to manage your fund, stay on the right side of the DIY super rules, invest your super cash and run a pension from your SMSF.

  • Find independent guidance — utilise Trish Power's knowledge of DIY super and her plain- English explanation of how super operates
  • Set up a DIY super fund — find out how to create a SMSF in just ten steps
  • Run your SMSF — learn to steer your fund's super CART (Compliance, Administration, Reporting and Tax obligations)
  • Enhance your super savings — make contributions to prepare for a comfortable retirement
  • Pay benefits from your DIY super fund — discover how you can pay lump sums or run a pension from your SMSF
  • Understand tax-free super benefits — take advantage of tax-free super for over-60s and, potentially, pay no tax before age 60

In addition to the information contained in this book, you can visit Trish Power's website at for more info about super. SuperGuide is free and Australia's only independent online resource for super.

Open the book and find:

  • How to decide whether a DIY super fund is for you
  • Information about the costs of running a SMSF
  • Steps to set up and run your own super fund
  • How your fund can give you a tax-free retirement
  • Tips for choosing an adviser or fund administrator
  • Guidance on how to run a pension from your DIY super fund
Introduction 1

Part I: Taking Control of Your Super 7

Chapter 1: Is DIY Super Right for You? 9

Chapter 2: Getting the Right DIY Super Advice 27

Chapter 3: Counting On Contributions 39

Part II: Setting Up a DIY Super Fund 61

Chapter 4: How Much Does a SMSF Cost? 63

Chapter 5: Simple Steps to DIY Start-Up 73

Chapter 6: Individual Trustees versus Corporate Trustee 87

Chapter 7: Trustee Declarations and Other Promises 97

Part III: Running Your Self-Managed Super Fund 107

Chapter 8: Finding a Fund Administrator, or Not 109

Chapter 9: Do the Right Thing — Compliance 119

Chapter 10: Act Like You’re the Boss — Reporting 129

Chapter 11: It’s Always Tax Time 141

Chapter 12: Investing Your DIY Super Money 157

Part IV: Paying Super Benefits from Your Fund 181

Chapter 13: Retiring Is Just the Beginning 183

Chapter 14: Running a DIY Super Pension 199

Chapter 15: Looking After Your Family 221

Part V: The Part of Tens 239

Chapter 16: Ten Special Features of DIY Super 241

Chapter 17: Ten Commandments of DIY Super 249

Part VI: Appendixes 257

Appendix A: SMSF Compliance and Administration Checklist 259

Appendix B: Handy Super Resources — SuperGuide and ATO Publications 263

Glossary 269

Index 279