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ABC of Alcohol, 5th Edition

Anne McCune (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-54396-2 April 2015 BMJ Books 136 Pages


The misuse of alcohol presents both individual physical and psychological problems as well as wider social consequences. Alcohol misuse is a frequent cause of attendance in accident and emergency departments and an underlying factor in a range of long term and chronic conditions commonly treated and managed within primary care settings.

This expanded fifth edition includes new chapters on alcohol and the young person, alcohol related liver disease, neurological problems, alcohol and the older person, alcohol and cancer, and the alcohol nurse specialist. There is also improved coverage of the role of alcohol health workers, and guidance on the availability of voluntary alcohol services more generally, and the concluding resources chapter provides further guidance on how to access appropriate services. It incorporates current NICE guidelines, the Government’s Alcohol Strategy 2012, as well as case study scenarios and examples of best practice throughout.

From a new editor and a multidisciplinary contributor team, ABC of Alcohol is a practical guide for general practitioners, family physicians, practice nurses, primary healthcare professionals as well as for junior doctors, medical and nursing students.

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Contributors vii

Preface ix

1 Alcohol use: Consumption and costs 1
Peter McGovern and Eric Appleby

2 Alcohol use: Society and politics 7
Peter McGovern and Eric Appleby

3 Alcohol in the body 12
Alex Paton and Anne McCune

4 Definitions 15
Alex Paton

5 The nature of alcohol use disorders 19
John B. Saunders

6 The detection of alcohol use disorders 25
John B. Saunders

7 Medical problems 33
Alex Paton

8 Problems in the Emergency Department – and their solutions 37
Zulfiquar Mirza and Robin Touquet

9 Alcohol and the young person 42
William Christian, Sian Veysey and Anne Frampton

10 Alcohol and the older person 46
Jarrod Richards and Rachel Bradley

11 Alcohol and the liver 50
Anne McCune

12 Surgical problems 56
James S. Huntley

13 Alcohol, maxillofacial trauma and prevention of personal violence 61
Jonathan Shepherd and Paul Jordan

14 Neurological and neurosurgical complications of alcohol 64
Jane Alty and Jeremy Cosgrove

15 Alcohol and cancer 69
Sarah L. Williams

16 Alcohol and the heart 74
Nitin Kumar, Yasmin Ismail and Julian Strange

17 Drug–alcohol interactions 79
Dan Harris

18 Management of acute unplanned alcohol withdrawal 84
Adrian Brown and Anne McCune

19 The role of alcohol care teams in district general hospitals 89
Kieran J. Moriarty

20 Management in primary care 95
Carsten Grimm

21 Advice and counselling 99
Nicola Taylor

22 Psychological treatment and relapse prevention 102
Nicola Taylor

23 Alcohol and psychiatry 105
Nicola Taylor

24 Other resources, and alcohol and the doctor 109
Nicola Taylor

Index 000