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From Genes to Cells


Experienced educators, all widely published in the field, present an accessible, supplemental text which offers a comprehensive yet succinct introduction to contemporary cellular and molecular biology. Thoroughly covers the essentials of the molecular and genetic components of cells. Features include over 150, original two-color illustrations, highlighted key words, boxed summaries, a complete glossary of key terms and phrases plus a selected reading section.
Cells and Tissues.

Membranes and Organelles.

The Cytoskeleton and Cell Movement.

Cell Division.

DNA Structure and the Genetic Code.

Patterns of Inheritance.

Mapping the Genes.

Gene Mutation.

DNA Replication and DNA Repair.

Transcription and the Control of Gene Expression.

Recombinant DNA and Genetic Engineering.

Translation and Protein Targeting.

Protein Structure.

How Proteins Work.

Energy Trading Within the Cell.


Ions and Voltages.

The Action Potential.

Intracellular Messengers.

Intercellular Communication.

Cystic Fibrosis.

Suggested Further Reading.


  • Over 150 original color illustrations.
  • Highlighted key words throughout text for quick reference.
  • Boxed summaries within each chapter reinforce critical principles.
  • Extensive glossary.
  • Selected reading section.
  • Chapters organized to reflect real lecture type presentation.
  • "Short course" approach presents essentials without overburdening students.