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Interactions Between Macro- and Microorganisms in Marine Sediments


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Interactions Between Macro- and Microorganisms in Marine Sediments

Erik Kristensen (Editor), Ralf R. Haese (Editor), Joel E. Kostka (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-875-90274-6 January 2005 American Geophysical Union 390 Pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Coastal and Estuarine Studies, Volume 60.

Interactions between macroorganisms (benthic fauna and macrophytes) and the biogeo-chemistry and microbiology of aquatic sediments have proved essential for the functioning of most benthic marine ecosystems. While our knowledge of the biogeochemical consequences of macrobiological activity has grown considerably during the last two decades, the feedback mechanisms and physicochemical forces controlling the abundance and diversity of benthic animals and plants still elude definitive analysis. In order to clarify the state of the science and provide a framework for future research, we present in this volume a synthesis of latest developments in research on interactions between animals, plants, and microorganisms in marine sedimentary environments (including intertidal areas, continental shelves, deep-sea sediments, and cold seeps). Of particular importance are the new experimental (field studies, laboratory experiments) and theoretical (modeling) approaches, which we also discuss.

Erik Kristensen, Ralf R. Haese, and Joel E. Kostka  vii

1. Introduction
E. Kristensen, R. R. Haese, and J. E. Kostka  1

Plant-Microorganism-Sediment Interactions

2 Interactions Between Benthic Macroalgal and Microalgal Mats
Kristina Sundbiick and Karen McGlathery  7

3 Plant-Microbe Interactions in Seagrass Meadows
Carlos M. Duarte, Marianne Holmer, and Ntiria Marba  31

4 Belowground Interactions Among Salt Marsh Plants and Microorganisms
Charles R. Lovell  61

5 Mangrove-Microbe-Soil Relations
Daniel M. Alongi  85

Animal-Microorganism-Sediment Interactions

6 Biogenic Particle Reworking and Bacterial-Invertebrate Interactions in Marine Sediments
M. Solan and B. D. Wigham  105

7 Macrofaunal Burrows and Irrigation in Marine Sediment: Microbiological and Biogeochemical Interactions
E. Kristensen and J. E. Kostka  125

8 BiogeochemicalC onsequences of Infaunal Activities
Yoko Furukawa  159

Macro- and Microorganism Interactions and the Structuring of Benthic Communities

9 Interactions Between Microorganisms and Intertidal Plant Communities
J.P. Bakker, T. J. Bouma, and H. J. van Wijnen  179

10 Seagrass Rhizosphere Microbial Communities
Richard Devereux  199

11 Setting Diversity and Community Structure in Subtidal Sediments: The Importance of Biological Disturbance
S. Widdicombe and M. C. Austen  217

12 Plant-Animal-Microbe Interactions in Coastal Sediments: Closing the Ecological Loop
Roberta L. Marinelli and George G. Waldbuster  233

Deep-Sea Communities of Macro- and Microorganisms

13 Allochthonous Deep-Sea Benthic Communities: Functioning and Forcing
Olaf Pfannkuche  251

14 Interactions Between Fluid Flow, Geochemistry, and Biogeochemical Processes at Methane Seeps
W. Ziebis and R. R. Haese  267

15 Biotic Interactions and Feedback Processesin Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vent Ecosystems
R. J. Ldveilld, C. Levesque, and S. K. Juniper  299

Models of Interactions Between Macro- and Microorganisms

16 Modelling Mixing and Diagenesis
Bernard P. Boudreau  323

17 Incorporating Ecological and Biogeochemical Information Into Irrigation Models
Carla M. Koretsky, Christof Meile, and Philippe Van Cappellen 341

18 Modelling Biological Interactions in Aquatic Sediments as Coupled Reactive Transport
Filip J. R. Meysman, Oleksiy S. Galaktionov, Stepbane Madani, and Jack J. Middelburg  359