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Alfonso J. Cruz-Jentoft (Editor), John E. Morley (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-33805-6 July 2012 Wiley-Blackwell 364 Pages

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Sarcopenia is a major therapeutic challenge and a public health priority in both the US and Europe. More than two decades after the word was first used to define a distinct clinical condition, the definition of sarcopenia remains  open for discussion,nd its clinical relevance is still not fully understood. This book provides some answers.  It is a valuable addition to the existing literature, providing a one-stop shop for state-of-the-art information on a topic of particular relevance for geriatricians and all those who care for the older population.

Sarcopenia has serious health consequences of sarcopenia in terms of frailty, disability, morbidity, and mortality. Identifying high risk groups of older people is straightforward, but making a diagnosis is more difficult. Having addressed the definition of sarcopenia the book therefore goes on to discuss current open questions that concern the clinical management of the condition.  Chapters cover nosology, pathophysiology, clinical identification, and treatment: for example, is sarcopenia a normal part of the ageing process? When does it become a disease state? Is it only a morphologic or functional abnormality, or is it an age-related disease?  Epidemiological, clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of sarcopenia are covered, as well as possible methods of prevention and treatment options.

  • Defines and explains the clinical relevance of sarcopenia
  • Covers all recent scientific evidence
  • Discusses treatment options
  • Considers ways of prevention

Written by experts in the field from both the US and Europe, this book will be of practical interest to geriatricians, clinicians and professionals working in nursing homes, nutrition and sport medicine. It is also a valuable and comprehensive reference work for professionals, post-graduates and researchers on age-related diseases, disability, nutrition and geriatric medicine.

List of Contributors vii

Preface xi

1 Epidemiology of Muscle Mass Loss with Age 1
Marjolein Visser

2 Definitions of Sarcopenia 8
John E. Morley and Alfonso J. Cruz-Jentoft

3 Muscle Biology and mTORC1 Signaling in Aging 20
Blake B. Rasmussen and Elena Volpi

4 The Role of the Nervous System in Muscle Atrophy 41
Minal Bhanushali, Robin Conwit, Jeffrey Metter and Luigi Ferrucci

5 Nutrition, Protein Turnover and Muscle Mass 59
Stephane Walrand, Christelle Guillet and Yves Boirie

6 The Complex Relation between Muscle Mass and Muscle Strength 74
Todd M. Manini, David W. Russ and Brian C. Clark

7 Is Sarcopenia a Geriatric Syndrome? 104
Jean-Pierre Michel and Alfonso J. Cruz-Jentoft

8 Adverse Outcomes and Functional Consequences of Sarcopenia 114
David R. Thomas

9 A Lifecourse Approach to Sarcopenia 125
Avan Aihie Sayer

10 Cachexia and Sarcopenia 141
Maurizio Muscaritoli, Simone Lucia and Filippo Rossi Fanelli

11 Sarcopenia and Frailty 154
Cornel C. Sieber

12 Sarcopenia, Osteoporosis and Fractures 168
Tommy Cederholm

13 Sarcopenic Obesity 181
Mauro Zamboni, Andrea P. Rossi and Elena Zoico

14 Imaging of Skeletal Muscle 193
Thomas F. Lang

15 Measurements of Muscle Mass, Equations and Cut-off Points 205
Marjolein Visser and Laura Schaap

16 Measurement of Muscle Strength and Power 226
Michael Drey and Jurgen M. Bauer

17 Measurements of Physical Performance 238
Rolland Yves, Gabor Abellan van Kan and Matteo Cesari

18 Exercise Interventions to Improve Sarcopenia 252
Mark D. Peterson and Jos´e A. Serra-Rexach

19 Nutritional Approaches to Treating Sarcopenia 275
Douglas Paddon-Jones and Luc van Loon

20 The Future of Drug Treatments 296
Francesco Landi, Yves Rolland and Graziano Onder

21 Sarcopenia: Is It Preventable? 324
Maurits Vandewoude and Ivan Bautmans

Index 339

“Sarcopenia is defined as loss of muscle mass. Although addressed to gerontologists, the book is of interest to pediatricians and psychiatrists treating anorexia and chronic diseases.”  (Pediatric Endocrinology Reviews, 1 September 2014)

“This book contains a substantial and recent bibliography, and it will provide stimulating reading for both clinicians and research workers who are seeking ways of enhancing physical function in the elderly.”  (Applied Physiology, Nutrition & Metabolism, 1 October 2012)