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Iodine Chemistry and Applications




Iodine Chemistry and Applications

Tatsuo Kaiho

ISBN: 978-1-118-87865-1 October 2014 512 Pages

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This book comprehensively covers iodine, its chemistry, and its role in functional materials, reagents, and compounds.

• Provides an up-to-date, detailed overview of iodine chemistry with discussion on elemental aspects: characteristics, properties, iodides, and halogen bonding
• Acts as a useful guide for readers to learn how to synthesize complex compounds using iodine reagents or intermediates
• Describes traditional and modern processing techniques, such as starch, cupper, blowing out, and ion exchange resin methods
• Includes seven detailed sections devoted to the applications of iodine: Characteristics, Production, Synthesis, Biological Applications, Industrial Applications, Bioorganic Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry, and Radioisotopes
• Features hot topics in the field, such as hypervalent iodine-mediated cross coupling reactions, agrochemicals, dye sensitized solar cells, and therapeutic agents


Preface xiii

1 Overview 1
Tatsuo Kaiho

Part I Characteristics, elemental of iodine 7

2 Physical Properties of Iodine 9
Tatsuo Kaiho

3 A nalytical Methods for Iodine and Iodides 15
Hirofumi Kanoh and Takehisa Konishi

4 Ion Chromatography 25
Anna Blazewicz

5 Inorganic Iodides 55
Tatsuo Kaiho

6 Organic Iodides 75
Tsugio Kitamura

7 H ypervalent Iodine 103
Toshifumi Dohi and Yasuyuki Kita

8 Iodine and Halogen Bonding 159
Giancarlo Terraneo, Giuseppe Resnati, and Pierangelo Metrangolo

Part II Pro duction of iodine 195

9 H istory of Iodine 197
James L. Marshall and Virginia R. Marshall

10 Production Process in the Past 207
Tatsuo Kaiho

11 Iodine Production from Caliche 213
Armin Lauterbach

12 Iodine Production from Oilfield Brine 221
Stanley T. Krukowski

13 Iodine Production from Natural Gas Brine 231
Nobuyuki Kaneko and Tatsuo Kaiho

14 Recycling of Iodine 243
Tatsuo Kaiho

Part III Synthesis of iodine compounds 249

15 Iodinating Reagents 251
Haruhiko Taguchi

16 Oxidizing Agents 277
Toshifumi Dohi and Yasuyuki Kita

17 Reaction of Iodo Compounds 303
Toshifumi Dohi and Yasuyuki Kita

18 Metal Iodides-Mediated Reaction 329
Makoto Shimizu, Iwao Hachiya and Junji Inanaga

Part IV Biological Application of iodine 353

19 Iodinated X-Ray Contrast Agents 355
Werner Krause

20 Iodine as Disinfectant 375
Waldemar Gottardi

21 Synthetic Thyroid Hormone 411
Steven E. Rokita

22 Iodine Deficiency Disorders and Their Correction Using Iodized Salt and/or Iodine Supplements 421
Michael B. Zimmermann

23 Pharmaceuticals: Therapeutic Agents 433
Tatsuo Kaiho

24 A grochemicals and Anthelmintics 439
Peter Jeschke and Tatsuo Kaiho

Part V Industrial Application of iodine 457

25 D iaryliodonium Salt Photoacid Generators 459
James V. Crivello

26 Polarizing Films 479
Bart Kahr and Kevin M. Knowles

27 Iodine in Polymer Synthesis: An Important Element for Precision Polymerizations 489
Mitsuo Sawamoto

28 Iodine in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells 501
Lars Kloo

29 Fluorinated Repellents 513
Toyomichi Shimada

30 Etching Gas 523
Seiji Samukawa

31 Other Industrial Applications 547
Tatsuo Kaiho

Part VI Bioorganic chemistry and Environ mental Chemistry of iodine 555

32 Iodine Bioinorganic Chemistry: Physiology, Structures, and Mechanisms 557
Frithjof C. Küpper and Peter M.H. Kroneck

33 A tmospheric Chemistry of Iodine 591
Lucy J. Carpenter

Part VII Radioisotope of iodine 603

34 Radioactive Iodine 605
Yoshifumi Shirakami

Index 625