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A Genie's Wisdom: A Fable of How a CEO Learned to Be a Marketing Genius


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A Genie's Wisdom: A Fable of How a CEO Learned to Be a Marketing Genius

Jack Trout

ISBN: 978-0-471-23608-5 October 2002 120 Pages

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A compelling fable that distills the essence of genius marketing strategies
The "King of Positioning" Jack Trout presents the story of PJ Bigdome, a newly appointed CEO looking for a new way to successfully learn about marketing. Luckily, within his PC lurks a genie with vast experience in the particulars of marketing (having helped out with some of the biggest marketing successes ever). As Bigdome finds answers to his most important questions, the reader learns the secrets of successful marketing, such as: the essence of marketing; how much stock to put into research; how to evaluate advertising; how to allocate budgets; and much more. A Genie's Wisdom allows Trout, a famed business visionary, to distill his years of management and marketing experience into an entertaining and educational yarn that reveals today's essential practices.
The Story Behind the Fable.

Chapter 1. The Arrival.

Chapter 2. What Is the Essence of Marketing?

Chapter 3. What's Branding All About?

Chapter 4. What Should Be My Product Strategy?

Chapter 5. How Do I Get My Pricing Right?

Chapter 6. Are There Limits to Growth?

Chapter 7. What Is Good Research?

Chapter 8. How Do I Evaluate Advertising?

Chapter 9. How Do I Pick the Right Medium?

Chapter 10. How Important Are Logos?

Chapter 11. What Mistakes Are Made Most Often?

"...a fascinating and simple read, ideal for the CEO or senior executive who wants some light-hearted yet valuable answers..." (Professional Manager, May 2003)

"...I would recommend it equally to those with little or no easy to read, accessible and lighthearted..." (Managing Information, September 2003)