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Bioprocessing for Biomolecules Production




Bioprocessing for Biomolecules Production


Presents the many recent innovations and advancements in the field of biotechnological processes

This book tackles the challenges and potential of biotechnological processes for the production of new industrial ingredients, bioactive compounds, biopolymers, energy sources, and compounds with commercial/industrial and economic interest by performing an interface between the developments achieved in the recent worldwide research and its many challenges to the upscale process until the adoption of commercial as well as industrial scale.

Bioprocessing for Biomolecules Production examines the current status of the use and limitation of biotechnology in different industrial sectors, prospects for development combined with advances in technology and investment, and intellectual and technical production around worldwide research. It also covers new regulatory bodies, laws and regulations, and more. Chapters look at biological and biotechnological processes in the food, pharmaceutical, and biofuel industries; research and production of microbial PUFAs; organic acids and their potential for industry; second and third generation biofuels; the fermentative production of beta-glucan; and extremophiles for hydrolytic enzymes productions. The book also looks at bioethanol production from fruit and vegetable wastes; bioprocessing of cassava stem to bioethanol using soaking in aqueous ammonia pretreatment; bioprospecting of microbes for bio-hydrogen production; and more.

  • Provides up to date information about the advancements made on the production of important biotechnological ingredients
  • Complete visualization of the general developments of world research around diverse products and ingredients of technological, economic, commercial and social importance
  • Investigates the use and recovery of agro-industrial wastes in biotechnological processes
  • Includes the latest updates from regulatory bodies for commercialization feasibility

Offering new products and techniques for the industrial development and diversification of commercial products, Bioprocessing for Biomolecules Production is an important book for graduate students, professionals, and researchers involved in food technology, biotechnology; microbiology, bioengineering, biochemistry, and enzymology.

1. An overview of biotechnological processes in the food industry
Bianca M.P. Silveira, Mayara C.S. Barcelos, Kele A.C. Vespermann, Franciele M. Pelissari, Gustavo Molina

2.  Status of biotechnological processes in the pharmaceutical industry
Natalia Videira, Robson Tramontina, Victoria Ramos Sodré, Fabiano Jares Contesini, Gustavo Molina

Current status of biotechnological processes in the biofuel industries
Gustavo Pagotto Borin, Rafael Ferraz Alves,  Antônio Djalma Nunes Ferraz Júnior

4. Research, development and production of microalgal and microbial biocolorants
Laurent Dufossé

5. Prospective research and current technologies for bioflavor production
Marina Gabriel Pessôaa, Bruno Nicolau Paulinoa, Gustavo Molina, Glaucia Maria

6. Research and production of biosurfactants for application in the food industry
Eduardo J. Gudiña, Lígia R. Rodrigues

7. Fermentative production of microbial exopolysaccharides
Jochen Schmid, Volker Sieber

8. Research and production of microbial PUFAs
Gwendoline Christophe, Pierre Fontanille, Christian Larroche

9. Research and production of organic acids and their potential for industry
Sandeep Kumar Panda, Lopamudra Sahu, Sunil Kumar Behera , Ramesh Chandra Ray

10. Research and production of microbial polymers for food industry
Sinem Selvin Selvi, Edina Eminagic, Muhammed Yusuf Kandur, Emrah Ozcan, Ceyda Kasavi, Ebru Toksoy Oner

11. Research and production of microbial functional sugars and their potential for industry
Helen Treichel, Simone Maria Golunski, Aline Frumi Camargo, Thamarys Scapini, Tatiani Andressa Modkovski, Bruno Venturin, Eduarda Roberta Bordin, Vanusa Rossetto, Altemir José Mossi

12. Research and production of ingredients using unconventional raw materials as alternative substrates
Susana Rodríguez-Couto

13. Genetic engineering as a driver for biotechnological developments and cloning tools to improve industrial microorganisms
Cíntia Lacerda Ramos, Leonardo de Figueiredo Vilela, Rosane Freitas Schwan

14. Advancement in biofuel production by strain development in yeast from lignocellulosic biomass
Aravind Madhavan, Raveendran Sindhu, KB Arun,   Ashok Pandey, Parameswaran  Binod, Edgard Gnansounou

15. Fermentative production of beta-glucan: properties and potential applications
Rafael Rodrigues Philippini, Sabrina Evelin Martiniano, Júlio César dos Santos, Silvio Silvério da Silva, Anuj Kumar Chandel

16. Extremophiles for hydrolytic enzymes productions: biodiversity and potential biotechnological applications
Divjot Kour, Kusam Lata Rana, Ashok Kumar, Ali A. Rastegari, Neelam Yadav, Ajar Nath Yadav, Vijai Kumar Gupta

17. Recent development in ferulic acid esterase for industrial production
Surabhi Singh, Om Prakash Dwivedi, Shashank Mishra

18. Research and production of second generation biofuels
Raghavendra HL, Shashank Mishra, Juliana F. Floriano

19 Research and production of third generation biofuels
Saurabh Singh, Arthur P.A. Pereira, Jay Prakash Verma

20. Bioethanol production from fruit and vegetable wastes
Meganathan Bhuvaneswaria, Nallusamy Sivakumar

21. Bioprocessing of cassava stem to bioethanol using soaking in aqueous ammonia pretreatment
Ashokan Anushyaa, Moorthi Swathikaa, Selvaraju Sivamania, Nallusamy Sivakumar

22. Bioprospecting of microbes for bio-hydrogen production: current status and future challenges
Sunil Kumar, Sushma Sharma, Sapna Thakur, Tanuja Mishra, Puneet Negi, Shashank Mishra, Abd El-Latif Hesham, Ali A. Rastegari, Neelam Yadav, Ajar Nath Yadav