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Breeding Field Crops, 5th Edition



Breeding Field Crops, 5th Edition

David Allen Sleper, John Milton Poehlman

ISBN: 978-0-813-82428-4 July 2006 Wiley-Blackwell 432 Pages


Long recognized as the standard work in its field, this fifth edition of Breeding Field Crops deals with worldwide advances in plant breeding science and practice in recent years. Building on the foundations of earlier editions, this thoroughly revised volume includes expanded coverage on the role increased knowledge of genetics plays in the development of new crop cultivars, and fully explores exciting new developments in molecular biology.

Breeding Field Crops, Fifth Edition, thoroughly covers the field of plant breeding. The latest edition of this venerable text provides a broad overview of the science of plant breeding, and provides students and breeders with essential fundamental information along with a review of current breakthroughs and technologies. This book will be a valuable source of information for anyone involved in the science of plant breeding for years to come.


Part 1. What Is Plant Breeding?.

1. Plant Breeders and Their Work.

Part 2. The Genetic Basis of Plant Breeding.

2. Reproduction in Crop Plants.

3. Gene Recombination in Plant Breeding.

4. Quantitative Inheritance in Plant Breeding.

Part 3. Tools of the Plant Breeder.

5. Variations in Chromosome Number.

6. Mutation.

7. Fertility-Regulating Mechanisms and Their Manipulation.

8. Biotechnology and Plant Breeding.

Part 4. Methods in Plant Breeding.

9. Breeding Self-Pollinated Crops.

10. Breeding Cross-Pollinated and Clonally Propagated Crops.

11. Breeding Hybrid Cultivars.

12. Breeding Objectives and Techniques.

Part 5. Germplasm Resources for Breeding Crop Plants.

13. Germplasm Resources and Conservation.

Part 6. Applications: Breeding Field Crops that are Self-Pollinated.

14. Breeding Wheat.

15. Breeding Rice.

16. Breeding Soybean.

Part 7. Applications: Field Crops Utilizing Hybrid Breeding Procedures.

17. Breeding Corn (Maize).

18. Breeding Sorghum.

Part 8. Applications: Field Crops with Miscellaneous Breeding Procedures.

19. Breeding Cotton.

20. Breeding Cross-Pollinated Forage Crops.

Part 9. Applications: Field Crops that are Vegetatively Propagated.

21. Breeding Potato.

22. Breeding Sugarcane.

Part 10. Maintenance and Seed Production of Improved Cultivars.

23. Cultivar Increase, Maintenance, and Seed Production.



  • Fifth edition of standard-setting crop breeding text

  • Explores the role genetics play in development of new crop cultivars

  • Covers exciting new developments in molecular biology

  • Provides broad coverage of crop breeding