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Handbook of Solid State Chemistry, 6 Volume Set



Handbook of Solid State Chemistry, 6 Volume Set


This most comprehensive and unrivaled compendium in the field provides an up-to-date account of the chemistry of solids, nanoparticles and hybrid materials. Following a valuable introductory chapter reviewing important synthesis techniques, the handbook presents a series of contributions by about 150 international leading experts -- the "Who's Who" of solid state science. Clearly structured, in six volumes it collates the knowledge available on solid state chemistry, starting from the synthesis, and modern methods of structure determination. Understanding and measuring the physical properties of bulk solids and the theoretical basis of modern computational treatments of solids are given ample space, as are such modern trends as nanoparticles, surface properties and heterogeneous catalysis.
Emphasis is placed throughout not only on the design and structure of solids but also on practical applications of these novel materials in real chemical situations.
VOLUME 1: Materials and Structure of Solids
New Structural Concepts
Bulk Materials
Structure-Property Relations

VOLUME 2: Synthesis
Thermodynamically Controlled synthesis of Bulk Materials
Kinetically Controlled Synthesis of Bulk Materials
Crystallzation and Crystal Growth
Thin Films
Nanostructuring and Nanolithography

VOLUME 3: Characterization
Magnetism, Transport, Mechanical and Thermal Behavior

VOLUME 4: Nano and Hybrid Materials
Hybrid Materials: Interface Between Inorganic Solids and Polymers

VOLUME 5: Theoretical Description
Basics of Electronic Structure

VOLUME 6: Applications: Functional Materials
Energy Storage and Conservation
Information Storage and Processing
Optical Materials
Construction Materials
Heterogeneous Catalysts