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International Journal of Management Reviews

International Journal of Management Reviews

Edited By:Caroline Gatrell and Dermot Breslin

Vol 20(4 Issues in 2018 ) Print ISSN: 1460-8545 Online ISSN: 1468-2370 Impact Factor: 6.489


The International Journal of Management Reviews (IJMR) is the leading global review journal in Organisation and Management Studies (OMS). Papers published in IJMR seek to make significant conceptual contributions, offering a strategic platform for new directions in research and making a difference to how OMS scholars might conceptualise research in their respective fields. In reviews published in IJMR, the state of knowledge in a given field is critically evaluated, and conceptual underpinnings of competing paradigms critically appraised, with a view towards advancing current and future research in the area.

IJMR complements the other publications produced by the British Academy of Management and is deliberately targeted at a wide OMS readership. IJMR is thus distinctive in its generalist appeal, with a focus on theoretical underpinnings and accessible to a broad range of research traditions. The journal covers all the main OMS sub-disciplines including, for example, Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour, International and Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Operations Management, Management Sciences, Information Systems and Technology Management, Accounting and Finance, and Marketing.

IJMR is distinctive in its multi- and cross-disciplinary reach, sowing the seeds for new approaches through a cross-fertilisation of ideas and concepts. As a result, IJMR speaks to several key audiences or readerships: Members of the academic community who will expect to be kept abreast of disciplinary areas outside of their own specific domains of expertise.

  • The journal will enable senior faculty to undertake more interdisciplinary research by providing a wider understanding or emerging thought and methodological developments in other fields, and by so doing, facilitating the development of transdisciplinarity.
  • More established researchers who are looking to update their knowledge in their own particular field, or who are shifting their area of focus or developing collaborative or inter-disciplinary work extending beyond their established specialisation.
  • Supporting doctoral candidates in the production of their theses by producing comprehensive reviews/debates and to locate their research within past, present and future debates.

The editors are committed to a swift response to submitted articles and endeavour to ensure a 12-week turnaround time for each cycle of the review process.