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Properties of Interacting Low-Dimensional Systems



Properties of Interacting Low-Dimensional Systems

Godfrey Gumbs, Danhong Huang

ISBN: 978-3-527-63816-1 March 2013 392 Pages

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Filling the gap for comprehensive coverage of the realistic fundamentals and approaches needed to perform cutting-edge research on mesoscopic systems, this textbook allows advanced students to acquire and use the skills at a highly technical, research-qualifying level.
Starting with a brief refresher to get all readers on an equal footing, the text moves on to a broad selection of advanced topics, backed by problems with solutions for use in classrooms as well as for self-study.
Written by authors with research and teaching backgrounds from eminent institutions and based on a tried-and-tested lecture, this is a must-have for researchers, research students and instructors involved with semiconductor junctions, nanostructures and thin film systems.
1 Introduction
2 The Kubo-Greenwood Linear Response Theory
3 Feynman Diagrammatic Expansion
4 Plasmon Excitations in Mesoscopic Structures
5 The Surface Response Function, Energy Loss and Plasma Instability
6 Optical Response and the Absorption Coefficient
7 Surface Correlation Energy for a Bounded Plasma
8 The Rashba Spin-Orbit Interaction in 2DEG
9 Quantized Acoustoelectric Current and Applications
10 Electrical Conductivity: The Kubo, Boltzmann and Landauer-Buettiker Formulas
11 Conductance Fluctuations
12 Integer Quantum Hall Effect
13 Fractional Quantum Hall Effect
14 Theory of Magnetism
A Boson and Fermion Statistics for Noninteracting Systems
B Spectral Structure of the Green's Function
C The Renormalization Group and Critical Phenomena
D Charge and Spin density Waves
E Effect of Two-Body and Three-Body Forces
F Superconductivity
G Greens' Functions and Spectral Structure