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Silicon Nanomembranes: Fundamental Science and Applications

Silicon Nanomembranes: Fundamental Science and Applications

John A. Rogers, Jong-Hyun Ahn

ISBN: 978-3-527-33831-3 April 2016 365 Pages


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Edited by the leaders in the fi eld, with chapters from highly renowned international researchers, this is the fi rst coherent overview of the latest in silicon nanomembrane research.
As such, it focuses on the fundamental and applied aspects of silicon nanomembranes, ranging from synthesis and manipulation to manufacturing, device integration and system level applications, including uses in bio-integrated electronics, three-dimensional integrated photonics, solar cells, and transient electronics.
The first part describes in detail the fundamental physics and materials science involved, as well as synthetic approaches and assembly and manufacturing strategies, while the second covers the wide range of device applications and system level demonstrators already achieved, with examples taken from electronics and photonics and from biomedicine and energy.
Synthesis, Assembly and Applications of Semiconductor Nanomembranes
Mechanics of Si Nanomebranes
Charge/Phonon Transport and Thermoelectricity of Si Nanomembranes
Strain Effect on Band Structure of Si Nanomembranes
Transparent and Foldable Electronics Enabled by Si Nanomembranes
Extremely Flexible Nanoscale Ultrathin Body Silicon Integrated Circuits on Plastic
High Speed, Flexible Electronics by Use of Si Nanomembranes
Si Nanomembranes for Bio-Integrated Electronics
Flexible Si Nanomebrane Sensor for Human Interface
Flexible and Transparent Solar Cells Using Si Nanomembranes
Silicon Nanomembranes for Efficient and Precise Molecular Separations
3D Integrated Optics of Si Nanomebranes
Si Nanomebrane-based Photonic Devices
Si Nanomembrane-based Biosensors for Protein Detection