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Spintronics for Next Generation Innovative Devices



Spintronics for Next Generation Innovative Devices


Spintronics (short for spin electronics, or spin transport electronics) exploits both the intrinsic spin of the electron and its associated magnetic moment, in addition to its fundamental electronic charge, in solid-state devices. Controlling the spin of electrons within a device can produce surprising and substantial changes in its properties.

Drawing from many cutting edge fields, including physics, materials science, and electronics device technology, spintronics has provided the key concepts for many next generation information processing and transmitting technologies. This book discusses all aspects of spintronics from basic science to applications and covers:

• magnetic semiconductors
• topological insulators
• spin current science
• spin caloritronics
• ultrafast magnetization reversal
• magneto-resistance effects and devices
• spin transistors
• quantum information devices

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to Spintronics for researchers and students in academia and industry.

List of Contributors

Series Preface



Chapter 1: Fundamentals of magnetoresistance effects
K. Takanashi

Chapter 2: Spintronics Materials with High Spin Polarization
Y.K. Takahashi and K. Hono

Chapter 3: Spin current
Eijih Saitoh

Chapter 4: Spin Hall effect and inverse spin Hall effect
Shuichi Murakami

Chapter 5: Spin torque (domain wall drive, magnetization reversal)
Akinobu Yamaguchi

Chapter 6: Spin Pumping
Matthias Althammer, Mathias Weiler, Hans Huebl, and Sebastian T.B.Goennenwein

Chapter 7: Spin Seebeck effect
Jiang Xiao

Chapter8: Spin conversion at magnetic interfaces
Tomoyasu Taniyama

Chapter 9: Carbon-based Spintronics
Masashi Shiraishi

Chapter 10: Silicon spintronics for next-generation devices
Kohei Hamaya

Chapter 11: Electric-field control of magnetism in ferromagnetic semiconductors
Tomoteru Fukumura

Chapter 12: Quantum information processing using nitrogen-vacancy centres in diamond
Norikazu Mizuochi

Chapter 13: Ultrafast light-induced spin reversal in amorphous rare earth-transition metal alloy films
Arata Sukamoto