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Templeton's Way with Money: Strategies and Philosophy of a Legendary Investor



Templeton's Way with Money: Strategies and Philosophy of a Legendary Investor

Alasdair Nairn, Jonathan Davis

ISBN: 978-1-118-14961-4 February 2012 272 Pages


The enduring legacy of a legendary investor

Called the "greatest stock picker of the century" by Money magazine, legendary fund manager Sir John Templeton is remembered as one of the world's foremost investors, known for his pioneering insights and phenomenal investment performance over a professional career which spanned more than half a century.

Templeton’s Way with Money provides a unique, professional 21st century appraisal of what made this formidable investor the success he was—and why his methods remain as valid today as they were during his long and successful lifetime.

Written by two investment experts, one of whom worked closely with Sir John for ten years, and drawing on previously unpublished documents, the book explains in detail how John Templeton's simple but effective investment philosophy of riding out the ups and downs of the market cycle continues to be as relevant as ever for professional and private investors alike.

Key features include:

  • A fresh and detailed reappraisal, drawing on a number of previously unpublished documents, of the philosophy which Templeton applied to the two phase of his investment career—first as an investment counsel, and latterly as the most successful global fund manager of his generation
  • A detailed and original study of the performance of the Templeton Growth Fund, demonstrating in detail how Templeton achieved the Holy Grail of investment—above average returns with below average risk
  • First hand accounts from former colleagues of their experience in working with Templeton—including those of author Alasdair Nairn's ten-year career working with and for the investment management organization that was Templeton's life work
  • Proprietary and original research which explains why Templeton's seemingly simple investment philosophy is sure to produce exceptional returns if implemented effectively

Current market conditions make Templeton's contrarian investment method of profiting from pessimism particularly relevant today, and this book a must-read for anyone working with investments.

Introduction vii

Chapter 1 The Man and His Life 1

Chapter 2 Investment Counsel 29

Chapter 3 Fund Manager 65

Chapter 4 Philosophy in Action 101

Chapter 5 Why the Templeton Method Works 131

Chapter 6 Past, Present, and Future 161

Appendix John Templeton’s Advice to Investors 185

Notes 235

Selected Bibliography 241

Acknowledgments 243

About the Authors 245

Index 247