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The Challenge for Geography: A Changing World; A Changing Discipline


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The Challenge for Geography: A Changing World; A Changing Discipline

R. J. Johnston (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-18714-1 December 1992 Wiley-Blackwell 264 Pages

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At the heart of this important and timely study of contemporary geography lies a deceptively simple question: how should geographers respond to a world which is changing fast - perhaps faster than ever before?
The Challenge for Geography addresses this question directly, bringing together ten prominent geographers to examine both changes in the contemporary world and transformations within the discipline of geography.
A Changing World: A Changing Discipline?: An Introduction: R. J. Johnston.

Part I: A Changing World:.

1. A Changing World: Introducing the Challenge: R. J. Johnston.

2. The Changing Organization of the Global Economy: Peter Dicken.

3. Social Landscapes: Continuity and Change: Susan J. Smith.

4. Ends, Geopolitics and Transitions: Graham Smith.

5. Human Societies and Environmental Change: The Long View: I. G. Simmons.

6. Land Transformation: A. S. Goudie.

7. Geographers and the Impact of Climate Change: Martin Parry.

Part II: A Changing Discipline:.

8. Meet the Challenge: Make the Change: R. J. Johnston.

9. Full Circle, or New Meaning for the Global: Peter J. Taylor.

10. Changing Ourselves: A Geography of Position: Peter Jackson.

11. Desiderata for Geography: An Institutional View from the United States: Ronald F. Abler.


"A timely book which presents an excellent summary of modern ideas and of the associate literature." The Geographical Journal

"A thought provoking review of the place of geographical research in the contemporary world." Ecumene

* R. J. Johnston is a leading geographer and educationalist.
* Outstanding contributors.
* Surveys the present and future prospects of geography worldwide.