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Greene and Mathieson's the Voice and its Disorders, 6th Edition




Greene and Mathieson's the Voice and its Disorders, 6th Edition

Lesley Mathieson

ISBN: 978-1-118-71335-8 July 2013 400 Pages


This edition has been extensively rewritten in order to reflect the changes in clinical practice and learning methods which have taken place since the 5th edition was published. The seventeen chapters are divided into three sections: normal voice, descriptions of the various types of voice disorders, and the methods of treating abnormal voice.

A profile summary of each voice disorder is provided for easy reference and comparison, and tables are used throughout the text. New laryngeal images and electroglottographic interpretations have also been included.

The current emphasis on evidence-based practice is addressed in the review and descriptions of intervention strategies used in voice therapy.

Part I - Communicative functions of the voice: an introduction.

The larynx and upper respiratory tract.

The lower respiratory tract.

Normal voice and phonation.

Voice mutation: infancy to senescence.

Part II - Voice disorders.

Presentation and classification.

Hyperfunctional dysphonia.

Psychogenic voice disorders.

Vocal tract structural abnormalities: congenital and acquired.

Neurogenic voice disorders.

Laryngeal disease, inflammatory conditions and diseases affecting the vocal tract.

Part III - Voice therapy: the process.

Analysis and evaluation: perceptual and instrumental.

Management and treatment: principles and techniques.

Specific techniques.

Specific intervention: children, the elderly, singers.

Laryngeal carcinoma: presentation and management.