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Reflective Teaching and Learning in the Health Professions: Action Research in Professional Education




Reflective Teaching and Learning in the Health Professions: Action Research in Professional Education

David Kember (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-68028-5 April 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 208 Pages



This book deals with the nature of professional education and the need to produce professionals who are capable of reflection upon practice. It derives comprehensive guidelines for developing curricula and teaching methods that encourage reflective thinking. It is heavily research-based and the multiprofessional approach is unique to this subject matter. It will appeal to educators in all health science disciplines.

The book includes an introduction to the concepts of reflection and reflective thinking and describes action research methodology used to carry out this study. Findings are presented in the form of case studies and the conclusions drawn are considered in the context of practical implementation.

Part A: Introduction; The nature of reflection; The project and the action research approach; Part B: Developing reflective teaching in five courses: The action research process; Integrating theory and practice; The use of learning contracts; Writing reflective journals; Promoting discussion from reflective writing; Part C: Synthesizing conclusions about curricula: Encouraging reflective writing; Facilitating critical discussion; Part D: The nature of reflection: The affective dimension of reflection; Triggers for reflection; Reflections on reflection;
"This book will be of immense value to all educators and practitioners who are involved in reflective practice."

Therapy Weekly

"The book offers a thoughtful and practical guide on matters such as integrating theory and practice"

"This book is clearly written and informative...It will be a particularly useful resource for educators in higher education."

British Journal of Occupational Therapy

“Although the book is primarily applicable to educators in academic and service settings, it may well benefit students. It is a useful addition to libraries and departmental bookshelves and is good value for money.”

Physiotherapy Journal

"For those coming to ideas of reflective practice and action research for the first time, this book provides an excellent starting point.”

Health Services Journal

* Tackles two of the most topical issues in health care today the integration of theory and practice in education, and reflection.
* A multiprofessional focus with contributions from all the health science professions
* Totally research-based.