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Rehabilitation in Cancer Care




Rehabilitation in Cancer Care


Rehabilitation in Cancer Care is an essential clinical resource for all Allied Health Professionals working within or entering this specialist area. It provides practical guidance for the rehabilitation of people with cancer or those receiving palliative care. As well as explaining the key skills required at every stage of the cancer journey, the book specifically offers advice on diagnosis, treatment, management and effective interventions. Furthermore the role of each member of the interdisciplinary team is clearly explained at each stage, as is the importance of team work and holistic care.

Section 1 introduces the reader to the rationale for the rehabilitation of people with cancer or those receiving palliative care, Section 2 looks at the multi-professional management of common cancers and Section 3 looks at symptom management.

Section 1: Introduction to Oncology and Palliative Care.

Ch 1. Introduction to Oncology and Palliative Care.

Geoff Sharpe and Paul A. Fenton.

Ch 2. The Role of Rehabilitation in Oncology and Palliative Care.

Jane Rankin and Jackie Gracey.

Section 2: The Multi-professional Management of Specific Tumour Types.

Ch 3. Breast Cancer and Associated Conditions.

Melanie Lewis, Iona Davies and Jill Cooper.

Ch 4. Lung Cancer and Associated Conditions.

Debbie McKinney, Daniel Lowrie and Mandy Hamilton.

Ch 5. Neurological Tumours and Associated Conditions.

Joanne Carr, Kathy Thompson, Debbie Pearson, Paula Finlay and Helen White.

Ch 6. Haematological Conditions.

Jenny Miller, Phil Canning, Val Young, Sarah Taggart and Rachel Barrett.

Ch 7. Head and Neck Cancer and Associated Conditions.

Brenda Nugent, Lorraine Ashcroft, Gillian Lusty and Nicola Evans.

Ch 8. Musculo-skeletal Tumours and Associated Conditions.

Lena Richards, Merian Denning and Gemma Lindsell.

Ch 9. Gastro-intestinal Tumours.

Tessa Aston, Sallyanne McKinney, Jenny Miller and Heidi Williams.

Ch 10. Genito-urinary Tumours.

Doreen McClurg, Pippa McCabe and Karen Chambers.

Section 3: Symptom Management.

Ch 11. Lymphoedema Management.

Rhian Davies and Sue Desborough.

Ch 12. Cancer Related Fatigue Management.

Catriona Ogilvy, Karen Livingstone and Gillian Prue.

Ch 13. Pain Management.

Karen Robb and Charlie Ewer-Smith.

Ch 14. Dyspnoea/Breathlessness Management.

Sarah Fisher and Daniel Lowrie.

Ch 15. Maintaining Mental Health.

Robin Davidson.

Additional Contacts

  • Includes case studies
  • Covers evidence-based symptom management
  • Encourages Allied Health Professionals to follow a patient-centred rehabilitation pathway
  • Aims to facilitate the understanding and sharing of professional roles and to encourage holistic care at all stages and in all care settings
  • Multiprofessional team of contributors