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C# 7.0 All-in-One For Dummies

John Paul Mueller, Bill Sempf, Chuck Sphar

ISBN: 978-1-119-42811-4 February 2018 864 Pages


Sharpen your knowledge of C#

C# know-how is a must if you want to be a professional Microsoft developer. It's also good to know a little C# if you're building tools for the web, mobile apps, or other development tasks. C# 7.0 All-in-One For Dummies offers a deep dive into C# for coders still learning the nuances of the valuable programming language. Pop it open to get an intro into coding with C#, how to design secure apps and databases, and even pointers on building web and mobile apps with C#.

C# remains one of the most in-demand programming language skills. The language regularly ranks in the top five among "most in-demand" languages, typically along with Java/JavaScript, C++, and Python. A December 2016 ZDNet article noted 'If your employer is a Microsoft developer, you better know C#." Lucky for you, this approachable, all-in-one guide is here to help you do just that—without ever breaking a sweat!

Includes coverage of the latest changes to C#

  • Shows you exactly what the language can (and can't) do
  • Presents familiar tasks that you can accomplish with C#
  • Provides insight into developing applications that provide protection against hackers

If you have a basic understanding of coding and need to learn C#—or need a reference on the language in order to launch or further your career—look no further.

Introduction. 1

Book 1: The Basics of C# Programming. 5

CHAPTER 1: Creating Your First C# Console Application. 7

CHAPTER 2: Living with Variability — Declaring Value-Type Variables. 23

CHAPTER 3: Pulling Strings. 45

CHAPTER 4: Smooth Operators. 75

CHAPTER 5: Getting into the Program Flow. 89

CHAPTER 6: Lining Up Your Ducks with Collections. 119

CHAPTER 7: Stepping through Collections. 149

CHAPTER 8: Buying Generic. 177

CHAPTER 9: Some Exceptional Exceptions. 201

CHAPTER 10: Creating Lists of Items with Enumerations . 223

Book 2: Object-Oriented C# Programming 233

CHAPTER 1: Object-Oriented Programming — What’s It All About? 235

CHAPTER 2: Showing Some Class. 243

CHAPTER 3: We Have Our Methods. 257

CHAPTER 4: Let Me Say This about this. 283

CHAPTER 5: Holding a Class Responsible. 301

CHAPTER 6: Inheritance: Is That All I Get? 329

CHAPTER 7: Poly-what-ism? 357

CHAPTER 8: Interfacing with the Interface. 385

CHAPTER 9: Delegating Those Important Events. 411

CHAPTER 10: Can I Use Your Namespace in the Library? 435

CHAPTER 11: Improving Productivity with Named and Optional Parameters. 459

CHAPTER 12: Interacting with Structures. 469

Book 3: Designing for C#. 483

CHAPTER 1: Writing Secure Code. 485

CHAPTER 2: Accessing Data. 499

CHAPTER 3: Fishing the File Stream. 521

CHAPTER 4: Accessing the Internet. 543

CHAPTER 5: Creating Images. 559

CHAPTER 6: Programming Dynamically!  571

Book 4: A Tour of Visual Studio. 583

CHAPTER 1: Getting Started with Visual Studio. 585

CHAPTER 2: Using the Interface. 597

CHAPTER 3: Customizing Visual Studio. 623

Book 5: Windows Development with WPF. 641

CHAPTER 1: Introducing WPF. 643

CHAPTER 2: Understanding the Basics of WPF. 653

CHAPTER 3: Data Binding in WPF. 681

CHAPTER 4: Practical WPF. 705

Book 6: Web Development with ASP.NET. 721

CHAPTER 1: Looking at How ASP.NET Works with C#. 723

CHAPTER 2: Building Web Applications. 735

CHAPTER 3: Controlling Your Development Experience. 753

CHAPTER 4: Leveraging the .NET Framework. 783

Index 801

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