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Confronting Suburbanization: Urban Decentralization in Postsocialist Central and Eastern Europe




Confronting Suburbanization: Urban Decentralization in Postsocialist Central and Eastern Europe

Kiril Stanilov (Editor), Ludĕk Sýkora (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-29588-5 November 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 360 Pages



This fascinating book explains the processes of suburbanization in the context of post-socialist societies transitioning from one system of socio-spatial order to another. Case studies of seven Central and Eastern Europe city regions illuminate growth patterns and key conditions for the emergence of sprawl.

  • Breaks new ground, offering a systematic approach to the analysis of the global phenomenon of suburbanization in a post-socialist context
  • Tracks the boom of the post-socialist suburbs in seven CEE capital city regions – Budapest, Ljubljana, Moscow, Prague, Sofia, Tallinn, and Warsaw
  • Situates the experience of the CEE countries in the broader context of global urban change
  • Case studies examine the phenomenon of suburbanization along four main vectors of analysis related to development patterns, driving forces, consequences and impacts, and management of suburbanization
  • Highlights the critical importance of public policies and planning on the spread of suburbanization

Notes on Contributors vii

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Glossary xvi

Series Editors’ Preface xx

Preface xxi

1 The Challenge of Postsocialist Suburbanization 1
Luděk Sýkora and Kiril Stanilov

2 Urban Sprawl on the Danube: The Impacts of Suburbanization in Budapest 33
Zoltán Kovács and Iván Tosics

3 Confronting Suburbanization in Ljubljana: From “Urbanization of the Countryside” to Urban Sprawl 65
Nataša Pichler-Milanović

4 Suburbanization of Moscow’s Urban Region 97
Isolde Brade, Alla Makhrova, and Tatyana Nefedova

5 Prague: Urban Growth and Regional Sprawl 133
Luděk k Sýkora and Ondrě j Mulícě k

6 Sprawling Sofia: Postsocialist Suburban Growth in the Bulgarian Capital 163
Kiril Stanilov and Sonia Hirt

7 Suburbanization in the Tallinn Metropolitan Area 192
Kadri Leetmaa, Anneli Kährik, Mari Nuga, and Tiit Tammaru

8 Lessons from Warsaw: The Lack of Coordinated Planning and Its Impacts on Urban Sprawl 225
Andrzej Lisowski, Dorota Mantey, and Waldemar Wilk

9 Postsocialist Suburbanization Patterns and Dynamics: A Comparative Perspective 256
Kiril Stanilov and Luděk Sýkora

10 Managing Suburbanization in Postsocialist Europe 296
Kiril Stanilov and Luděk Sýkora

Index 321