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Health and Safety in Organizations: A Multilevel Perspective




Health and Safety in Organizations: A Multilevel Perspective

David A. Hofmann (Editor), Lois E. Tetrick (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-787-95846-6 April 2003 Pfeiffer 464 Pages


Health has often been defined as the absence of illness and as thestate of well-being. This definition, however, actually constitutestwo different criteria: the absence of illness and the presence ofhealth. For example, a person may not have any signs of illness butmay still have a cholesterol level that is too high. When thinkingabout healthy organizations, we often make the same distinction. Ahealthy organization, for example, is not only free from illnessand doesn't harm employees but also possesses the presence ofhealth as exemplified by its long-term adaptability and ability tothrive. This book considers this broader definition of health andsafety in organizations--one that encompasses both the absence ofillness as well as the presence of health--and the implications ithas for industrial/organizational psychology and human resources.

A distinguished group of contributors provides a review andintegration of different lines of research focusing on health andsafety in organizations, including a broad array of topics rangingfrom the role of individual differences and training to humanresource management strategy. They explore cross-level theoreticallinkages between aspects of health and safety at the individual,group, and organizational level. These discussions examine thelinkages between individual health and certain aspects of theoverall health of the organization, as well as how certain aspectsof organizations can influence individual health andwell-being.

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Foreword (Neal Schmitt).


The Contributors.

1 The Etiology of the Concept of Health: Implications for"Organizing" Individual and Organizational Health (David A.Hofmann, Lois E. Tetrick).


2 Individual Differences in Health and Well-Being inOrganizations (Paul E. Spector).

3 Improving Worker Safety and Health Through Interventions(Michael J. Burke, Sue Ann Sarpy).

4 Designing Healthy Work (Sharon K. Parker, Nick Turner, Mark A.Griffin).

5 Group and Normative Influences on Health and Safety:Perspectives from Taking a Broad View on Team Effectiveness (PaulTesluk, Narda R. Quigley).

6 Antisocial Work Behavior and Individual and OrganizationalHealth (Michelle K. Duffy, Anne M. O'Leary-Kelly,Daniel C. Ganster).

7 The Influence of Leadership and Climate onOccupational Healthand Safety(Dov Zohar).


8 Strategic HRM and Organizational Health (Jason D. Shaw, JohnE. Delery).

9 Work Arrangements: The Effects of Shiftwork, Telework, andOther Arrangements (Carlla S. Smith, Lorne M. Sulsky, Wayne E.Ormond).

10 The Work and Family Interface: Conflict, Family-FriendlyPolicies, and Employee Well-Being (Pamela L. Perrewé, DarrenC. Treadway, Angela T. Hall).

11 Workplace Health Promotion (Amanda Griffiths, FehmidahMunir).

12 Using Workers' Compensation to Promote a HealthyWorkplace (Karen Roberts).

13 The Role of External Policies in Shaping OrganizationalHealth and Safety (Chris Brotherton).

14 Concluding Comments: Integration and Future Directions (LoisE. Tetrick, David A. Hofmann).

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