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Human Resource Management, 4th Edition

Greg L. Stewart, Kenneth G. Brown

ISBN: 978-1-119-49217-7 June 2019 624 Pages

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Human Resource Management addresses the challenges faced by human resource managers, integrating traditional theory with real-world strategy to equip students with the knowledge, perspective, and skills they need to thrive in the ever-changing global business environment. Presented in a clear and relatable style, this text emphasizes how effective human resource management and strategic planning work in concert to allow organizations to achieve maximum success.

The focus on practical application illustrates the essential link between strategic planning and implementation, providing an inside look at how real-world companies increase effectiveness through world-class human resources management practices. A wealth of case studies, discussion topics, and exercises reinforce key concepts, strengthening students’ ability to think strategically and integrate core HR management principles into the decision-making process. By mirroring the current landscape’s increased reliance on smart people-management strategy, this text underscores the importance of HR management in attracting and retaining the top talent that drives an organization forward.

Part 1 Appreciating People as a Strategic Resource 1

Chapter 1 Creating Value Through Human Resources 2

Chapter 2 Making Human Resource Management Strategic 34

Chapter 3 Ensuring Equal Employment Opportunity and Safety 70

Part 2 Securing Effective Employees 109

Chapter 4 Designing Productive and Satisfying Work 110

Chapter 5 Recruiting Talented Employees 150

Chapter 6 Selecting Employees Who Fit 190

Chapter 7 Managing Employee Retention and Separation 236

Part 3 Improving Employee Performance 275

Chapter 8 Measuring Performance and Providing Feedback 276

Chapter 9 Training for Improved Performance 316

Chapter 10 Developing Employees and Their Careers 358

Part 4 Motivating and Managing Employees 391

Chapter 11 Motivating Employees Through Compensation 392

Chapter 12 Designing Compensation and Benefit Packages 432

Chapter 13 Working Effectively with Labor 468

Chapter 14 Aligning Strategy with Practice 504


Appendix A Cases for Hands-On Experiential Exercises

Appendix B Occupational Outlook for HR Specialists and Managers

Appendix C HR Certification Institute Credentials

Appendix D SHRM Credentials

Appendix E Organizations of Interest to HR Students and Professionals

Appendix F Journals Useful to HR Students and Professionals

Glossary 000

Name and Company Index 000

Subject Index 000

  • Expanded coverage of current legislation, including the Affordable Care Act and recent privacy protection guidelines, and their impact on HR management
  • Discussion of emerging technological tools and methods, including of the use of social media as a recruitment tool
  • “How Do We Know?” features detail relevant findings from cutting-edge research
  • Revisions reflect the latest practices and emerging issues, including new information from the HR Certification Institute and attention to HR analytics
  • New real-world examples profile industry-leading companies including Amazon and Qualtrics, and an ongoing case study can be used to structure in-class exercises
  • Provides both in-depth explanations of traditional HR concepts, and a framework that links individual methods to specific situations
  • Engages students with real-life scenarios, describing specific strategic decisions made by human resource professionals and how those decisions relate to central concepts
  • Strengthens student comprehension with example cases, discussion cases, and exercises that reinforce key concepts
  • Highlights recent academic research through accessible summaries that relate findings directly to course material
  • Emphasizes the importance of modern technology and its role in strategic decision making and human resource management