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Living Mindfully: Discovering Authenticity through Mindfulness Coaching




Living Mindfully: Discovering Authenticity through Mindfulness Coaching

Gary Heads

ISBN: 978-1-119-16324-4 December 2016 Wiley-Blackwell 240 Pages


Written by a practitioner with over 25 years of experience, Living Mindfully shows how mindfulness can be integrated with coaching in order to enhance motivation and achieve an authentic life.

  • Combines mindfulness techniques designed to explore an individual’s relationships to thoughts, values and emotions with coaching strategies that build self-confidence and motivation
  • Details the Living Mindfully program and the practical coaching intervention, Training Individuals in Mindfulness and Excellence (TIME), with tips, exercises, further resources and client testimonials
  • Discusses important aspects of mindfulness, including awareness, staying present, acceptance, authenticity, and dealing with negative beliefs and emotions
  • Outlines the requirements for setting up and maintaining a mindfulness program for mindfulness teachers, coaches, counselors, policymakers, and government departments

Preface vii

Acknowledgements x

Introduction 1

Sarah 9

1 Mindfulness 10

2 Living Mindfully: A Five]Week Programme 21

3 The Art of Orientation 30

4 The Inquiry Process 42

Owena 56

5 Moving

Out of Automatic Pilot and Being More Aware of Our Bodies 57

Annaliese 73

6 Being

Present in Mindfulness of the Breath and the Body in Movement 74

Sue 89

7 Staying

Present and Dealing with Difficult Thoughts and Emotions 90

Catriona 101

8 Accepting and Letting Be 102

Amanda 109

9 Bringing it Together, Looking after Yourself, and Moving Forward 110

Angeline 127

10 Integrating Mindfulness and Coaching 128

Andrew 140

11 The TIME Programme: Development and Rationale 141

Maria 154

12 Authenticity and its Impact upon Confidence and Self]Esteem 155

Stephen 166

13 Acceptance: Working with Negative Beliefs and Emotions 167

Melanie 179

14 Communication: Releasing Our Words to the Universe 180

Lynda 191

15 Planning the Way Forward: An Unfolding Journey 192

16 In Conclusion 202

Appendix 1 205

Appendix 2 207

Appendix 3: Further Reading 210

Appendix 4: Frequently Asked Questions 212

Index 217