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Montréal: The Quest for a Metropolis




Montréal: The Quest for a Metropolis

Annick Germain, Damaris Rose

ISBN: 978-0-471-94907-7 May 2000 320 Pages


Part of the World Cities series, Montreal provides a guide to the birth, growth and contemporary life of this unique North American metropolis. The authors address some of the fundamental paradoxes at the core of the city's dilemma: How does the city reconcile its identity as a French window on North America and a bilingual, increasingly multicultural metropolis? How can its economy, currently undergoing a successful transformation into a high-tech hotbed, still suffer from high unemployment? How can a city that is seemingly allergic to urban planning, that has such a long and cold winter and that remains divided between two cultural and linguistic majorities be so frequently ranked one of the world's most livable cities?
The portrait that the authors strive to paint of this intriguing city, caught in the maelstrom of political debate that permeates most of its urban issues, is both wide-ranging and fine-grained. At the heart of this debate lies the "National Question", addressing Quebec's place in relation to the Canadian federation. Building on a vast array of recent research, the authors, themselves a team that reflects the bilingual, bicultural character of Montreal, explore the twists and turns of Montreal's ever-changing identity.
A Metropolis in Transition.

Montréal's Built Form: French Heritage, Victorian Legacy and Modernist Ambitions.

The Shifting Boundaries of the Metropolis: The Struggle to Govern a Moving Target.

Montréal's Economy: Decline, Conversion -

Repopulating the Inner City.

Language, Ethnic Groups and the Shaping of Social Space.



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"a thorough book written in very clear language" (Urban Geography, 2001)
" excellent resource for anyone wanting to learn about a major city (Urban Studies, Vol.38, No.13, 2001)
"...informative and thought-provoking book (Canadian Journal of Urban Research, Vol.10 No.1, 2001)
"..I strongly recommend this volume to scholars, planners, politicians and concerned citizens interested in the future of the great city.." (Quebec Studies, No.24.)