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Draw More Together




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Draw More Together

Ole Qvist-Sorensen, Loa Baastrup

ISBN: 978-1-119-61104-2 November 2019


Drawing and sketching ideas in groups is a smarter way of thinking, communicating, and working. The core method of the book, FIVE DESIGNLOOPS, gives leaders simple drawing tools, techniques and examples of visual collaboration, that can be implemented, in any context, including meetings, strategy sessions, project planning, innovating, business plans, etc. For example, draw your strategy and hang it in the lunch room or next to the coffee machine. A good drawing is a catalyst for good dialog. It can drive engagement and ownership.

Visual Collaboration offers business leaders, entrepreneurs, facilitators, designers and change agents a method and tools to:

·          develop visual languages for any context

visualize any process and project

·         formulate engaging questions

·         develop templates for any situation, presentation or important conversation

·         mapping skills and setting improvement targets

Since many people haven’t done any drawing since they were children, the authors have developed a simple and practical method by which ANYONE will be able to draw almost anything.

We need to be agile, robust, and sustainable- but what exactly does it look like when we are? Can you draw it? Drawing forces us to be specific. When we draw together, we learn together, and with a world in constant change, our ability to learn together is an absolute necessity for success.