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#GiveFirst: A New Philosophy for Business in The Era of Entrepreneurship

#GiveFirst: A New Philosophy for Business in The Era of Entrepreneurship

Brad Feld

ISBN: 978-1-119-36356-9

Jan 2019

208 pages


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Give without taking to achieve lasting success

#GiveFirst takes a fresh look at entrepreneurship in the 21st century and provides an alternative framework for setting yourself up for success. Written by the co-founder of Techstars, a mentorship-driven startup accelerator, this book explains and expands upon the “give first” mentality; if business is built on the strength of relationships, one must base those relationships on a culture of help and reciprocity. By giving first and expecting nothing in return, you’ll build the type of relationships that matter. The more you invest in relationships, the more you will get help when you need it; for example, the more you accomplish at work, the more likely you are to get a raise when you ask for one. This book lays out the core principles of the #GiveFirst approach to business, bolstered by real-world stories that illustrate how giving now often translates into “getting” down the road.

Author Brad Feld is a venture capitalist of over 20 years. Here, he condenses and codifies that experience into an actionable principles and ideas to help entrepreneurs achieve lasting success from day one.

  • Approach business relationships as reciprocal rather than transactional
  • Learn how small favors today can pay off big tomorrow
  • Forge lasting connections and invest more in those around you
  • Adopt a give-first mentality and set yourself up for sustainable success

We’re all busy. But if a request for help is sincere and realistic, helping out if you’re able is the smart move in the long term—but the key is to leave the transactional nature out of it, and view it as an investment in a relationship. #GiveFirst provides a fresh perspective on business relationships, and shows you how helping others really means helping yourself.

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